Sunday, September 17, 2023

Week 6 Progress ~

At the beginning of the week Bruce said he thought he might be done at the end of the week.  He was not feeling well a couple days and had some back issues, so did not accomplish what he had hoped.  One day he worked on my cupboard doors at his shop (remember he customs makes everything) and he texted me to say he would not be here.  How refreshing to have someone you have hired let you know he would not be at your house and would return the next day ~ and did!

The washer and dryer are now functional.  How ironic.  My old dryer . . . from 1992 . . . died four days ago.  Talk about good timing 😁.  I have water in the kitchen sink.  Yeah!

My appliances were so old I just had to turn a knob or push a button to get them to work.  I swear I need washer/dryer for dummies, stove for dummies, microwave for dummies, etc 😡

Drawers are taking shape.

Trim is being added.

It is hard to get a picture because space is so limited.  This will be my vanity.  It was an old cupboard that I used for years behind my couch.  It is a little low, but the top of the vessel sink will be the height of the old vanity.

I love the old repair.

The mirror will be an old one I have had for years that has been sitting under my bed.  It is missing silvering but I think will fit perfectly above the vanity.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Saundra said...

Good timing for the new appliance to replace the one that just died. I HATE how the government dictates what we use ~ washers which only allow a smaller amount of water, no plastic bags, straws or Styrofoam anything, mandating electric vehicles in the future, etc.
I LOVE your vanity!!!!!!!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

The space may be limited, but your beautiful sense of taste and style is not. Loving everything I see. I adore your reminds me of the one Cathy has in her downstairs bath. I had always wanted one like that but my bath remodels came fast and furious without being able to scout out an appropriate cabinet. You are getting so, so, close to the finish line! ~Robin~

Julia said...

Wow, good timing on the replacement of your new dryer. Those newer digital appliances don't have the long life the old appliances had. I had an enterprise kitchen stove for 35 years which was heavily used to cook large meals for the farm-hired hands for years. The next stove didn't last as long. I'm on my third stove since I married in 1966.

Your renovations are looking good but it always takes longer, especially when one works alone. Don't you wish that you had a team of experts that could do the job on a weekend like the renovations they show on TV? But every baby step will take you there sooner or later. I enjoy seeing the progress.

I hope that you got some rain this past weekend. Here we are saturated and the water level is high in the river.

Take care, Hugs

Farm Girl said...

Oh gosh, I understand the washer and dryer thing. Mine are the same way. When I went to my daughters house and my daughter in laws house I had to have them stand right there to show me how to operate everything.
Your kitchen is going to be so nice. I love that sink. I never saw it or noticed it until you started showing it with your remodel.
I like it a lot.

Prims By The Water said...

Yeah on the progress! It is getting closer. So nice for him to let you know he would nit be showing up. We took an old oak mirror and painted it black for our bath. Some of the silver is also gone but it gives it character. Your bathroom is going to be more prim than ours. We used an old dresser for our vanity that also was painted black. Now me wishes I would have found a drysink like you did. Loving your kitchen and good timing on the appliance dying. Looking good! I know you will be glad once totally completed, but well worth the wait. Janice

WoolenSails said...

Everything is looking nice and nice to have custom work done. I love your vanity, that is a beautiful piece. I do not have luck with appliances, I am lucky if they last 5 years. I agree, I just want something that works, not a lot of buttons I have no idea what they do, lol.


marly said...

Drawers are the best! What a transformation this is for you and the laundry room with that vanity is really special. Bruce is the man!