Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Pupdate ~

I thought I'd give you a quick Enchilada pupdate.  My son affectionately calls her Rice & Beans . . . lol.  I am happy to report she is doing just GREAT :)  She came to rescue because of poop issues after a grandbaby came to live with her.  She wasn't in my house 5 minutes when she pooped in the dining room.  Since then there had been a couple issues the first two times I left her gated in the kitchen area when I had to leave.  Since then (two weeks) she has been the perfect little girl.  I am very attentive and take her out often.  She is a little Velcro dog and always near me, often touching, though she has gotten a little more independent and will sometimes stay in the hooking room after I leave.  She has learned how to go up and down steps (she must have lived in a ranch house), though she does have trouble going down the hardwood steps because they are slick.  I've had other dogs have the same problem.
Lots of pictures to share because she is so stinkin' cute :)
She has the saddest pug eyes I have ever seen.

She loves to jump in bed and snuggle on the pillows.

That profile!!!

Always right next to the hooking frame.  I have to maneuver around her.

Soaking up some morning sun :)
In the morning when I go to the basement for my treadmill time (ugh), I bring the dog bed down and she lays next to it the entire time. 

Enchilada is a delight and she will make someone very happy.  She is such a good, loving girl.  She snuggles up to me at night and waits patiently for me in the morning while I get ready to take her out.  Ernestine has decided she is not too fond of her and there have been some problems, but we are working on those.  It's a side of Ernestine we had never seen.  She did not have a problem with my previous foster Pretty Girl.  It makes you wonder what goes on in their little puppy brain.
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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Senior Discount ~

Maybe I live under a rock and you all know this.  If you are 55 or older (yes, 55 is considered a senior . . . lol), you can get 10% off your total order including sale items (there are exclusions) when you shop in store at Michaels.  Read about it here.  Just ask for it at checkout.  Now I am kind of ticked because over the last ten years I could have saved a boatload of $$.  Never once was I asked (and it's not because I don't look my age . . . sigh) if I'd like the discount.  One must ask.
My camp rug is bound.  Finished size is 24" x 34".  I must say, I do love it.  I made a label but forgot one bit of information so I will need to make another.  A goal of mine is to get some of my rugs labeled.  I am years behind :(
Bound with wool used in the background.

It is my new favorite wool for a dark background.  More a dark grey but blends well with other dark/blackish wool.  The wool is also slightly reversible.  It is called Moon Shadows from Heavens to Betsy and it is currently on her website.
I have been cross stitching.  This sampler was started at least 25 years ago.  I guess it's time to work on it.  This is how I left it so many years ago.  I will tone down the linen a bit when I am done.

Progress I have made stitching a little each day.  I use the stab method (as opposed to the sewing method) so I am pretty slow.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Now Why Didn't I Think of That?

I was not too happy with the handle on my Rebekah bag, but said that I would probably learn to like it.  Several blog friends suggested that I coffee stain it.  DUH!  I don't drink coffee, never have, but I keep a tub of coffee for stain in the fridge.
Before . . .

After . . .  MUCH better.  Thanks to all who suggested it.

In November of 2013, I posted that my proddy tool had gone missing. 

 I didn't realize it had been missing for 4+ years.  I knew it had to be in the hooking room ~ somewhere ~ so I would not buy another one.  ($35 and up depending on the site.)  Guess what I found the other day?  You guessed it right.  The proddy tool.  In with cross stitch.  Whodda thunk?  Organization is not my forte.
Winter has returned to northern Ohio but that was to be expected.
Been binding, cross stitching, hooking.  Will share soon.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Promise of Spring ~

We are getting a real tease today in northern Ohio and I'm lovin' it :)  I know it won't last, but it sure does feel good.  Enchilada and I have gone for several walks around the block.  It's good for the soul.

So many things are peeking through the ground.  Snowdrops are blooming . . .

. . . and one winter aconite is ready to bloom.

My niece and family stopped by for a quick overnight on their way back to Chicago.  Here's Jake with his cousins.
Son J with his cousin Elise.  I will be happy when spring is here and he gets rid of his "winter" face :)

J's shirt cracks me up.  I am not a football fan, but I knew the Browns had a winless season.  After the season was over, they had a losers' parade where he purchased this shirt.

 Enchilada was enjoying all the attention.

DSO . . . just because :)

 ~ Only 28 days until spring ~
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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Worm Buster ~

I first saw this hit and miss on Saundra's blog and she said that anyone was welcome to hook one.  I first did a single block of 12" x 12".  I'm thinking I must have given it away because it is nowhere to be found.  Then on our 2016 cross country tour, I hooked this one which measured 12" x 36". 

DSO said he would like a rug for his master bath . . . so I am now hooking one that will be 24" x 36".  My progress so far.

I have plenty of worms to choose from.  A basket in the hooking room that has not been sorted.

Tubs sorted by color.

Another basket and a number of bags of worms. 

Sadly, I doubt I will make much of a dent.  As any hooker will tell you, they multiply while we sleep :)
Enchilada has settled in quite nicely.  She has been a good girl in the house and I'm hoping the poop issues are behind her (pun intended).  She has learned to jump on the bed and snuggle in the pillows. 
I assume she must have lived in a ranch home in her previous life because at first she would do no steps so I was carrying her up and down.  Then I got her to go up and down the steps to the garage which are carpeted.  She is now going up the hardwood stairs and has gone down with a little encouragement.  She loves to cuddle and is my shadow.  

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Two More Finishes ~

Greetings, friends.  Another Friday, but I am one of the lucky ones where every day can be my Friday if I so choose :)
I have a couple more finishes to share with you.  I completed my Rebekah L. Smith project from a class that I had taken with her.  I was determined to assemble the pouch/pocket, but I found it a real bear to do, but I DID IT!  Not sure I'm wild about the handle (I think it needs to be darker), but knowing me, I'll learn to like it :)

I'm not sure why the sides are even but the bottom is so crooked.  I used her template, so what happened?  Oh, well, I can just say it's the charm of being handmade, right? 

Several years ago I started this pattern by Jenny Hoffman, Country Rustic Primitives.  I was so close to finishing it when I set it aside.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe because I did not like the linen I was working it on (liked the look but not the feel of it).  Maybe because I made a slight counting error (I won't tell if you won't).  Or maybe my hook was screaming my name.

I found it in the cupboard, so decided to pick up my needle and complete it.  Now it can join a number of other cross stitch pieces that are just sitting in a box in the closet while I figure out what to do with them.
Yesterday was a springlike day here in northern Ohio.  It felt so good and while walking around the yard saw that my snowdrops have peeked through the ground and have buds on them.  AAAHHHH.  The promise of spring.  Today's about 30* colder.  Welcome to Ohio :)
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day ~

I was just going to post a couple hearts, but when I started taking pictures, I had more than I realized.
Hanging on the cupboard knob is the darling punch needle heart gifted to me by friend Bobbie (the Evening Stitcher).  Wrought iron heart candle holder and an antique reproduction hooked rug with heart motifs.

On the chair beneath, hooked heart by friend Karin.

This amazing crazy quilt heart is from sweet Julia in South Carolina.  Excluding the handle, it measure close to a foot.

And from Melinda (Merry Wind Farm), this perfectly stitched heart on a vintage oil can.  I am blessed with amazingly talented (and generous!!!) friends.

In the living room, a bowlful of hearts, mostly from vintage quilts and antique coverlets.

Hooked rug hanging on the dining room cupboard.  Pattern by Red House Wool Studio.
A {not old} bear holding one of my hooked hearts.

And lastly, Cupid purchased from Olde Lady Morgan more than a few years ago.

I hope your day has been wonderful.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Mexican Leftovers ~

Yesterday, DSO, Ernestine and I took a little road trip about an hour and a half south.  Ernestine loves to go bye-byes.  Here she is sitting on what we call her catbird seat. 

 She is always checking out the scenery.

I just LOVE this face.
Our destination was to pick up a seventeen pound Mexican leftover.  See, whenever a pug comes in to Ohio Pug Rescue, she is given a unique name.  If not, OPR would have dozens of Franks (think Men in Black) and many Pugsleys.  To attain this goal, there is a monthly theme and the pugs are named accordingly.  One month the theme was Mexican food and since all the names were not used, this month the theme is leftover Mexican food :)
Meet Enchilada.  Here she is saying hi to Ernestine.   We call this a canine Google search.  {{Makes me glad I'm not a dog.}}  She is gathering information about Ernestine.  The picture is deceiving.  The girls are almost identical in size. 
Enchilada is a four and a half year old owner surrender.  She had been with the same family since she was eight weeks old.  A new grandbaby came to live with her people a year ago, and since then she has been jealous of the baby and has been pooping on the floor.  I am hoping I can turn this behavior around.  But . . . upon arrival at my house, I took her for a walk.  Nothing.  Not five minutes later she was pooping in my dining.  Momma was not a happy camper :(  Last night she was allowed the luxury of sleeping with me and she was a very good girl.  She started off on the spare pillow, but soon was pressed up against my body.  Today, she has barely been out of my sight.  So far, so good.  She is a cutie and quite the snugglebug.

Last night in the hooking room, she proceeded to climb on my huge pile of wool.

Here she sat for the entire time I was working on my applique piece.  {{Needless to say, the wool is now put away.}}

Ernestine has been visiting today and the girls are getting along just fine.
Please remember, if you are looking for a pet, be it a dog, cat, horse, even a skunk, PLEASE adopt, don't shop.
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