Sunday, August 30, 2015

Not Much Blog Worthy ~

August 30.  How did that happen?  I am not one of those yearning for fall.  Fall would be more enjoyable if spring came after it. 
Not much going on here in northern Ohio.  We did get some much needed rain overnight and this morning and for that I am thankful. 
Since I have nothing exciting to share, I thought I'd share a few of my recent acquisitions.
This wonderful eagle is a creation by Folk for all Seasons, Lisa Evans.  She and Julie of the Old Tattered Flag are sisters.  That family sure is loaded with talent.  It is a clay creation on an old board.

The middle box in the stack is a recent purchase from Lori over at Homespun Prims and the little beehive bank is the first treen piece I've bought in a long time.

I am not much of an oak person, but bought this old table leg.  Why you ask?  Because it only cost $1 and I thought it would make a great flag holder.  The black are Susans are starting to look a bit scrappy :(  Not a good sign.
Yesterday at an antique show I purchased this box made from two old wash boards.  Though a little deep, I am currently using it as a trash can.

A birthday gift from my dear friend Wink.  I do love the Staffordshire dogs.

Little blue stoneware crock.  Cracked so cheap and couldn't pass it up :)

Not much progress on my Ellen rug and I haven't pulled a loop on it yet this weekend.  I know I need to change the beauty line around the ear.  Suggestions?

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)

Friday, August 28, 2015

The End ~

Here are the last of the rugs from Sauder that I will be posting.  There were so many more rugs, but I think I've shown enough . . . lol :)

I love seeing differing versions of the same rug.  This antique adaptation is on my very long hooking bucket list.

Here are a couple other items from the show.  Not hooked but wonderful nonetheless.
Of course it's obvious this is a Maggie Bonanomi applique.

This punch needle piece was stunning.  I wish I had measured the size but I know it wasn't very large and the detail is magnificent.

Happy weekend to you.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

More Rugs ~

Thanks for stopping by again.  More rugs today.  Some are in Celebration XXV, some not.
This wonderful rug was hooked by Jo Wick.  If you are on Facebook you may recognize it.

Gorgeous color palette.

Two versions of the same Pennsylvania star barn. 

Hooked by Karen Larsen.

Another version of Pumpkin Thyme.


"Daily from November 4, 2013 through November 4, 2014 a five inch square design was sketched and developed using mixed media - A Year Study.  The project's intentions were to explore design style, experiment with materials and techniques and evaluate the results/experience....See research material and full collection images at
Susan was working on this when I was at her retreat in 2014.  So interesting to see.

Hope to see you again soon.
Pug hugs :)