Tuesday, May 29, 2018

On the Frame ~

Finally getting around to showing what is on my frame.  Remember the rug I was trying to track down from a Create & Decorate magazine?  
One of my blog readers, Kathleen, (thanks again Kathleen!) let me know it was from the May/June 2014 issue.  Thankfully friend Melissa found her copy.  Here is the page from the magazine.
I wanted to hook mine with the similar soft colors I used in this rug.

Progress so far.  I am not putting in the scalloped clamshell corners and may change the shape of the pot a bit.  Still not sure on that.   

 A few more irises have started to bloom.  They are simply gorgeous.

Taking off tomorrow evening for California.  Wish me safe travels please :)  Not sure if I will get a blog post done while gone.  As I've often mentioned, my iPad and I don't play well together and the only time I try to blog from it is when I am away from home.
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Memorial Day ~

Please take a moment to remember why we are celebrating.  Thank you to all veterans, past and present.  I appreciate your service.  Remember, freedom isn't free.


Yesterday, DSO, Ernestine and I headed to Columbus, Ohio, for the 20th annual Ohio Pug Rescue reunion.  Pugs in many colors and sizes.  Lots of snorting going on but no snarling.  Pugs are just the sweetest things :)
This shirt cracks me up.  I found it on the internet a few years ago.
Born December 7, this sweet baby girl's name is Pearl.  Get it?  She was going to her foster home but foster mom Kelley said she wasn't going to be leaving.  She has the most unusual coloring and such long legs, but what a cutie patootie :)

Gotta love those pug tongues.


NOT Ernestine
The pug on the left was the first grey pug I think anyone has ever seen.  Mom was white and dad was fawn colored.  I bet there was some hanky panky some time in the past . . . lol. 

Ernestine was pretty tired on the way home and we were stuck in traffic for over an hour and a half due to a vehicle fire. 

It was a gorgeous evening for a plane ride.  I think it's been two years since I put on my big girl panties and went up.  It was smooth as glass.  No bumps whatsoever.  Wonderful.

Lake Erie

The round thingy is the Rose Garden at Lakeview Park, two blocks from my house.

Northern Ohio is totally flat.

Landing.  I always breathe a sigh of relief.
The California trip is quickly approaching.  We leave Wednesday eve.  Usually by this time I've at least made a packing list.  I've been too busy doing yard work.  Got 20 bags of mulch down.  Bought 6 more today and I could use many, many more.  A bag of mulch sure doesn't go far.
A few more pics from the gardens.  The irises have started to bloom and they are simply beautiful.

Sweet Siberian iris.  One of my favorites.
I have never had more than a few flowers on my dogwood tree.  I am thrilled this year.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dealing with the Government ~

Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE this Country, but sometimes dealing with the bureaucracy can make one crazy.   

Case in point #1 ~ Medicare "Wellness Visit". 
If you are enrolled in Medicare Part B, you qualify for an annual no cost Wellness Visit.  And I quote from the doctor's office paperwork.  "This is a chance to meet with a member of our health care team to talk about your history, your risk for certain diseases, the current state of your health and your plan for staying well."  And further "The Annual Wellness Visit in not an appointment for refilling your medications, discussing existing conditions or addressing new or immediate health problems.  Addressing those additional items during an Annual Wellness Visit would require a longer visit and separate charges would apply."  The questionnaire asked if I was depressed, felt anxious, hopeless.  Do I need help eating, dressing, with laundry, housekeeping, etc?  Get the idea?  Thankfully I was able to talk with the doctor about the arm pain, but I could not have the x-ray he ordered done the same day.  ARGH!

Case in point #2 ~ Social Security

I receive a government pension because I retired from city government.  I also qualify for Social Security because I worked enough quarters in the public sector.  The State of Ohio is one of only a handful of states that penalizes you for receiving a government pension.  My Social Security is reduced by 2/3.  (Shouldn't a federal program have the same rules nationwide?)  Good thing I don't smoke because after my Medicare payment is made, what's left is less than the cost of a carton of cigarettes :)
I have been trying since last September 5 to get an issue resolved.  One form, and only one form, needs to be properly processed.  I have spent many hours at the local office and made countless phone calls trying to get it taken care of.   Recently one of the employees of the local Social Security office told me I should contact my local congressman for help.  WTH???  I told them that was unacceptable and it was not my job but theirs.  Still not taken care of and they owe me about 6 months of my piddly benefits.  I would just like this resolved.  Come on.  We are coming up on 9 months of dealing with this.  Can it really be that difficult?
Okay.  Rant over.  I hope everyone is looking forward to the holiday weekend. 
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Around the Yard ~

I love my gardens in the spring.  They are lush and green with so many things blooming, but don't get too close.  They look great from afar, but up close they are a bit wild.  I have so many invasive perennials taking over.  We leave for California in eight days and I am desperately trying to get yard work caught up before departing so I don't come home to a jungle.  I'm about half done with the edging, one of my least favorite garden tasks.  Too bad it's not once and done.  I find it hard to keep up with it.

Poppies are one of my favorites.  Pretty now but when they are done blooming the foliage dies back and are very scrappy looking.  The seed pods left behind do add some interest to the garden.  This is a very invasive variety.

The start of this wisteria came from my parents' farm many years ago.  Beautiful, but also a very invasive variety.  Shoots come up all over the garden and in the grass.

While I was dragging my feet hooking the bear on my Crooked River challenge rug, I needed to pull a few loops so grabbed the first pattern I found and transferred it to linen.  Just a little 8" x 10" mat that is not as pinky looking in person.

Off to the doctor today for a Medicare "wellness" visit.  I have had this pain in my arm for months, but have been told I cannot discuss such an issue, that the key word is "well".  What the heck?  If he could diagnose my pain, wouldn't I be more "well" . . . lol?
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Sunday, May 20, 2018

WRRH Hook In ~

I was going to do a blog post days ago, but time has just gotten away from me.  Yesterday was the Western Reserve Rug Hookers annual hook in.  A first class event once again.  Great vendors, awesome lunch, wonderful raffle baskets and door prizes.  Best of all, great company.  Unfortunately I came home empty handed, but my 3 tablemates all were lucky winners.  I brought a rug to bind, but didn't even begin to work on it.  Typical of my accomplishments at a hook in.
Here are a few of the rugs from the show.  Most of the display was down a narrow hall and hard to get pictures.

Isn't this a hoot?  3 Sheeps to the Wind.

The guild had a challenge.  Hook this paisley pattern however you would like.  So many wonderful mats!  (I did not participate in this challenge.)  The mats will be on display during rug week at Sauder Village in August.

More rugs . . .

Thanks to the generosity of dear blog friend Cathy, this pattern came home with me.  She gifted me with an Old Tattered Flag gift card that I saved to use at the hook in.  Julie Thomas purchased the antique rug last year and reproduced it.  I think this will be on my frame soon.
Here is Julie's rug with some of the wool she used.  I thought I took a picture just of the rug, but must have imagined that I did :(

A couple wools purchased from Heavens to Betsy that I thought might work in the rug.
Even though I did not win a prize, I came home a winner.  Dear friend Linda (Primdollie Koch on Facebook) makes some of the coolest primitive items.  She sent this fun guy home to live with me.

That face just makes me smile :)

Must get busy and do some yard work.
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