Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Hook-y Happenings ~


The little patriotic pieces are finished ~ even labeled ~ and two have been delivered to their new homes.

And finally!!!  The binding on Madi's Favorite is done at long last.  It has been steamed once again.  It just needs a label.  I suppose it is time to put the forsythia away for something more summerlike. 

Scaredy Cat was a fast hook.  It is ready for binding.  It is small, just 9" x 11 3/4".  It was a free pattern offered by Lindsay Bowles on Facebook.  (Sorry.  I looked for a link to the pattern and cannot find it.)  

My rug that will be in Sauder's rug show is ready to be started.  I got some ideas on color planning (from the oh so talented Connie of Connie's Wool), but even though small, I think I may struggle with this little rug a bit.  It is something out of my norm.  I will share when I've got something worth showing.

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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Yard Happenings ~

Two years ago while leaving Millersburg, I stumbled upon a shop that sold concrete garden statues.  I loved the sheep and wanted to bring him home, but didn't want to spend the $$.  Surprisingly I was able to find their business card and found out they still sold them.  While in Millersburg for my hooking class, I drove the half hour to the shop and had him loaded in the back of my little SUV.  Isn't he the sweetest?

These are the Bubblegum petunias Marly raves about every year.  On June 1st . . .

And today . . .
The little rusty silhouettes are totally hidden. 😁

The hydrangeas are beautiful once again this year.  This is just two plants.  Hard to believe the color variations on the plants.

Molly loves being outside with me while I work.  I guess she found it cooler in the plants.

Any ideas on what these little sprouts may be?   Every year I get them by the hundreds under the burning bush.  The garden center was no help.  They just said "probably some kind of weed".  (I don't remember if my friend tried to find it with a plant identifier app.) 

And here is another plant that in the 22 years of living here I have never had.  They have inundated the neighborhood.  They are in the lawn, in every sidewalk crack, flower bed and pot.  I have been pulling them out by the hundreds!  Plant identifier said they may be poison ivy . . . which they are not.  Once again the garden center said it was most likely "some kind of weed".

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Thursday, June 24, 2021

In the Hooking Queue ~


So many hooking projects are in the "queue".  It seems like I have been working forever on the binding of Madi's Favorite.  I don't know why it is taking so long, but I am very close.

I hooked three small patriotic mats and they are awaiting the binding, also.  The largest is for my brother's DSO's footstool.  I think this is the last of the seasonal mats I needed to hook for her.  The rectangular one is for my old drawer and the small round one is for a friend's mini cast iron skillet.  I think this, too, is the last of the seasonal mats for her.

Scaredy Cat (look familiar, Robin?) is being hooked for another friend.  We go way back, to when our boys were young.  We reconnected after many years.  She mentioned she liked Halloween, so I thought I would gift her a little mat when we meet for lunch next month.

Brother's DSO, Lyn, and I go way back.  I mean WAAAAAY back.  Years before she and my brother got together.  Her birthday is at the end of July and I want to to hook her a mat using my brother's old ties as tongues.  I blogged about it here.

Next up is a mat that needs to be hooked for the rug show at Sauder Village in August.  Our guild had a challenge, "Anything Chicken".  I committed for 2020.  2020 didn't happen for obvious reasons, and I really forgot about it . . . or maybe chose to forget it.  Since I said I would do it, well . . . I guess I'd better get busy on it.

Geez, when all these are done, I may finally get a chance to work on The Poser.  I have not pulled a loop since class.

I hope everyone's week is going well.  I can't believe we will soon be heading in to July.  HOLY HELL!  Where is the time going?

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Monday, June 21, 2021

Summer Solstice ~

Another June is closing in on a finish.  Today's summer solstice marks the day with the most daylight hours of the year.  It's all downhill from here . . . sigh.

Here are some random pictures from the rug show at the Buckeye hook in.

I have this pattern in my stash.  I love the colors Gwen chose.

I have this Karen Kahle design in a paper pattern.

This wonderful Santa is a pattern by Donna Hrkman.

Another paper pattern I have in my stash.  There are a number of vendors who offer similar versions of this oh so cool flag rug.

Annie Oakley.  Pattern by Donna Hrkman.  Hooked by Kathy Wright in a 2, 3 and 4 cut!!!  She hooked the pattern over several years in several classes with Donna.

It was great to attend hooking events three weekends in a row.  A little bit of normal in our lives is good for the soul.

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Buckeye Hook In ~


Yesterday the Buckeye Hook In was held at the fairgrounds in Croton, Ohio.  This fairgrounds was HUGE and in the middle of nowhere it seemed.

Kathy Wright, one of the authors of the Magdalena Briner Eby book, gave a talk to the group.

If you love . . . or even just like and admire . . . Magdalena rugs, this book is a must for you.  It was interesting to hear her speak of Magdalena and her rugs.

The two standing rugs are from Kathy's personal collection.  They have elements of Magdalena's style, but Kathy says much research must be done before it can be determined if they were in fact hooked by Magdalena.

There were many wonderful rugs in the show.  Stay tuned.

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Friday, June 18, 2021

Rugs ~


Here are some of the rugs being worked on in Cathy Stephan's class.  Sorry I did not get all of them (but I did better than I usually do).

Val started this in a Cathy Stephan class 5 (?) years ago. She made much progress in class.

Here are a few of the rugs that Cathy has hooked.

I have Cathy again at rug camp in September and this is one I am considering, but not sure I could pull this off.

This rug is so long I had to stand on a stool to get it all in.  Friend Melissa started it (she was in class B) and I look forward to her progress.

Cathy's version of The Poser.  Sadly I have not found the time to pull even one loop since I've gotten home.

This is a rug Cathy is in the process of hooking.  It is HUGE.  Another one I think I would like to hook, but not sure I could pull this off either.  She also has a smaller version of the pattern, but this large one she is hooking with handtorn strips.

I'm off before the crack of dawn tomorrow . . . heading two hours south to a hook in where I was asked to bring the Magdalena rugs I have hooked to share with the group.  I only have a few . . . unlike Saundra 😁

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