Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Start, a Finish, an almost Finish and a New/Old Bear ~

I started this punch needle piece (pattern by the Old Tattered Flag) while on vacation.  I did not get much accomplished and am going to remove the background that I have done and replace it with a more tan floss.  The gold is too similar to the gold in the motifs.  Hopefully I will get more done while heading to Chicago this week.  We are taking my grandson Jake to visit his cousins.

I finished the binding on my little horse rug (pattern by Winter Cottage) using the wonderful, chunky wool yarn sold by Ali Strebel.  Now it just needs a final steaming and a label.

The most time consuming part of the binding on my camp rug is done.  It shouldn't take too long to tack it down.  I will be happy to finally have this rug done.  The color is ALL wrong.  In person the  background is much more black!
Our last day in California we stopped at an antique shop in Santa Rosa.  I adored this well loved guy, but was afraid I did not have room to bring him home.  I couldn't stop thinking of him after I got home, so I had him shipped :)  The velveteen bow will definitely go.

Jake did not want to go on the poker run with his dad's motorcycle club today, so we are hanging out and will soon head to The Emoji Movie.  Then maybe time for a swim.  (Him, not me.)  It is a beautiful Sunday on Ohio's north coast.
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Last of the Vacation Pics ~ I Promise

I've been home from vacation for a week and a half so it's high time I post the last of the pictures!
The flowers around Hermosa Beach were beautiful.  I don't think I've ever seen a bird of paradise up close before.


I just loved all the succulents.

These two pictures were taken at Yosemite.

While staying in Cotati, we went to a Civil War reenactment in a neighboring town.  We had never been to one before.  They even staged a battle.  Now mind you, it was at least 100* and they were dressed in wool uniforms.  Probably a couple hundred soldiers.  I think the ones who "died" early in the battle were relieved they did not have to move around.  It was hot sitting in the stands watching, so I can't imagine what it was like for them.

President Lincoln gave a speech at the end of the battle.

DSO's son and d-i-l had a tintype done.  Fun.

Our last adventure was heading to the Charles M. Schultz museum in Santa Rosa, where he lived for many decades.

This picture taken from the second floor will give you an idea how big this mural really is.
Charlie Brown and Snoopy in the early years before evolving as we know them today.

The restrooms were adorned with comic strip tiles like the ones in the large mural.

Even a Snoopy smashed penny machine :)

No more vacation pictures.  I promise.  Hopefully I will have two rug finishes to show you soon.  Both are partially bound.  I am trying so hard to keep up (with Saundra . . . lol!).
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tipp City Hook In ~

Maggie Bonanomi taught a class Thursday and Friday.  You had your choice of hooking the project

or doing it in applique. 

Both choices were wonderful.  I am so sorry I did not sign up for the class.
Saturday, Melinda and I attended the hook in, hosted by Ali Strebel along with Maggie. 
It's so ironic.  I can go to an event here at home and not know a single person.  I go to a hook in 200 miles from home, and know 8 or 10 people.  I believe a fun time was had by all.
Pictures from the throw down.  I can't believe I missed taking a picture of one of my favorite rugs.  I hope you enjoy the show. 
First some of the hooked pieces.
I think this is my favorite Maggie pattern.

So many examples of Maggie's applique patterns were displayed, done by many talented hands.

This pattern came home with me, along with some of Ali's chunky wool yarn that is the best for whipping an edge and a couple pieces of her hand dyed linen to use as the base for applique projects (in my dreams . . . lol).
I spotted these wonderful rusty pots in front of the salvage store just down the street from the hook in.  The middle one in the back row came home with me and the one to the right went home with Melinda.  I think the two of us could get in lots of trouble together :)

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