Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Not Again :(

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  The iPad and I just don't get along.  I am getting very close to divorcing it, or perhaps throwing it out a moving car window.  I had all the pictures for this post downloaded earlier today.  When I came back to finish, the draft was G.O.N.E.  So decided to start over and all but a few of the pictures from our last day in the LA area are gone, too.  Gone from the iPad AND iPhone.  If you hear a scream, it is me :(

These are the only pictures I have to share.  This beautiful succulent . . .

. . . and these vertical planters made from old pallets.  So cool!

I couldn't come to California without seeing the ocean, so we headed to King Harbor in Redondo Beach.  The waters were very calm that day.

We are now in northern California at Fritz's son Matt and daughter-in-law Danielle's.  Here are the granddogs, Olive on the left and Rocco on the right.

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The Saga Continues ~

(Edit . . . If you click on the picture, I think (hope) you can see the full size picture.)

"The best laid plans of mice and men . . .

We were up early ready to head to Independence, Missouri.  DSO (he really does have a name - Frank but affectionately known as Fritz) went to the car only to discover the tire was flat once again.  Another call to AAA and then calls to find a new tire.  The tires were almost new so he needed to find just one replacement.  After a couple calls thankfully a tire was found about a half hour away.  Once again we were several hours behind our desired schedule.

Our first stop was at Wooley Woolens but upon arrival found the shop closed since Janice Johnson was out of town.

We quickly headed to the Truman Library but had less than an hour to tour.

Here's DSO having a discussion with Truman.

From there we headed to the Truman House where the docents were just leaving.

Hopefully tomorrow our day will go a little more smoothly :)

Thanks for the kudos on my ability to post from the iPad.  It didn't go quite as planned.  I could not figure out how to enlarge the font or adjust picture sizes plus it took me almost forever (maybe I'm exaggerating a little) to get it done.  Tonight I started a post and deleted it by pressing one wrong button.  ACK.  It is so frustrating but I will try my best to keep you updated.  Once again I cannot adjust the size of the pictures so some of the pictures will only be partial pictures (the Truman House sign).  By the time I figure it out, Blogger will probably be obsolete!!!

And BTW . . . I can hook in the car using my Snapdragon frame.  It is actually working better than I anticipated.  The only thing that makes it difficult is if the frame is shaded or in the sun.  I started with an almost no brainer scrappy mat, this time runner size.  So far, so good except that I will most likely run out of the dark wool I am using to outline.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

St. Louis ~

Our trip started out with a bang.  As in bang, uh oh.  Flat tire in Indiana.  AAA to the rescue to put on the spare, then finding a shop to repair the tire and finally back on our way arriving near St. Louis a few hours later than planned.  We are thankful it was not worse.

I have no idea how this post will turn out as I really don't understand how this Blogger app works.  Anyway, here goes.

Our first stop was the Old Courthouse to purchase tickets for the Gateway Arch.  Here the dome is reflected in a modern building next door.

The Old Courthouse as seen from the top of the Arch.

The tram that took us to the top.  Each car sat five people.  The door to enter was only 4' tall.

Looking up.

Thanks to South Carolina Julia, we headed to the St. Louis Basilica.  It just takes your breath away.

Not a good picture, but here's the main alter.

The mosaics are breathtaking.

Cherubs adorned each holy water font.

From the Basilica we headed to the Botanical Gardens.  It was recommended to me, but I can't remember by whom.

The lily ponds were beautiful.

This is a Victoria water lily.  At first I though they were not real.  Some must have been four feet in diameter.  Thorns surrounded the "lip".

These appeared to be blown glass.

These little round gardens were called pincushion gardens.

A very good day in St. Louis!  By the end of the day, my dogs were doing some serious barking.
Tomorrow we are heading further west. 

I hope this post turns out okay.  It has taken me way too long and frustrated me like you would not believe!!!  I wish I could figure out how to preview it.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

California or Bust ~

Tomorrow DSO and I are heading west.  Road trip.  After almost 21 years of dating, we are going to find out if we like each other :)  18" apart for 5,000 miles.  Three plus weeks.  Wish us luck.  (I told him if it doesn't work out, he can drop me at an airport and I will fly home . . . lol.)

I think I finally (after how many years???) figured out how to blog on my iPad so hopefully I'll share some of our adventures.  Our first stop will be in St. Louis since I've never seen the Arch.  We have tentative plans from there but will kind of fly (well, drive) by the seats of our pants.  We both have sons in California, so our main goal is to visit with them.  My #1 son is in the LA area and his son is in northern California.

Have I started to pack?  Uh, no.  The hardest part is planning my handwork to take along.  I've got patterns on linen, wool, etc., and some applique planned.  How much can I do?  Don't know because I've never hooked in the car.  Sure hope it works out :)  I'm trying not to take too much but am afraid I will leave something behind I really need.  The nice part about driving ~ I can overpack and I'm sure I will.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

From Our Hands & Hearts ~

Melissa, Bobbie and I are beyond excited to have been asked to once again vend at this outstanding show in November.  If there's any way you can possibly attend, you won't be disappointed!  You can read more about it here.

I've made some progress on my current Magdalena adaptation.  Once I stopped looking at pictures of the original and those that others have hooked, the hooking is a bit easier and I'm struggling less.  I guess I just need to "do my own thing" and not worry that it's a copy of the original.

Not much else going on.  I spent most of the day running and still haven't finished all the errands.  I must say I am enjoying not getting up at 5:30 in the morning :)

I'm in disbelief that it is officially autumn.  We are still having exceptionally warm weather but it cools down nicely in the evenings ~ perfect weather for sleeping with the windows open.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Buying Motivation ~

Well, I finally got on the bandwagon and purchased a fitbit.  I need something to motivate me to keep me moving.  BJ's Wholesale Club had them on sale for $100 and I'm hoping having spent the money will be the incentive to keep active.  (That would buy a lot of wool . . . lol :)  I was pretty excited that I did my 10,000 steps yesterday, even though that meant walking at 11 pm last night :)

My scrappy little hit 'n miss is done.  I did a bit of reverse hooking of colors that I didn't like (pink) and some that I thought were too bright (gold).  A few other light strips I toned down with coffee.  I have some coffee solution in the fridge (I never drink the stuff) and used a cotton ball to dab on the strips.  It is even bound :)  Have I turned over a new leaf and love binding?  Heck no, but I'm trying my best not to get behind. 

I'm going to do another, this time with three 12" squares to hook a table runner.  That should use up quite a few worms, but as hookers know, it's a losing battle.

I've also made a bit of progress on my Magdalena rug.  This is not easy for me, but it, too, is using some worms.

Have you noticed how drastically the weather has changed?  It is now dark by 8 pm.  Oh, how I dread the time change in October.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fortune Cookie ~

We went for a Chinese lunch the other day and my fortune cookie read "The principle business of life is to enjoy it."  That is just what I plan to do in retirement.  I have been so busy the last week and a half I feel like I'm meeting myself coming and going.  So happy I don't have the day job any longer.  I'm sure retirement won't sink in for quite some time.  I am still in disbelief.  I finally went for new glasses the other day (couldn't believe I've had the current ones for six years) and it was the first time I wrote "retired" for occupation.  That felt really strange :)

Yesterday I attended a small hook in on the shores of Lake Erie in Port Clinton, not quite an hour from home.  A beautiful setting I'm guessing not 50' off the lake, but had to stay indoors because of thunderstorms.  I can't believe I did not take the camera out of the bag ~ but then when I went to take a few pictures this morning, discovered I did not have the battery in it.  It was nice spending the day with friends doing what we love. 

I am back to working on my Magdalena rug.  Normally my rugs are on the smallish side, but this one I enlarged to about 24 1/2" x 31" which is huge for me.  I've never hooked a rug in true scrappy Magdalena style and I am finding it difficult, but I will persevere, at least for a little while longer ;)

Bought this sweet applique piece from friend Melissa (pattern by Rebekah L. Smith).  I can't believe it did not sell at our show last weekend.  It found a perfect home in my kitchen hanging by the sink.  Melissa has a knack for choosing perfect colors ~ both in applique and hooking.

I'm off to an outdoor show this morning so I'd best get off my duff and get ready to head out.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hit 'n Miss ~

I found a pattern that looked like it would be fun to hook in the summer issue of this magazine. 

When I received my copy of the magazine, there was an 8 1/2" x 11" paper tucked in the magazine  correcting a punch needle pattern.  When I went to put the hooking pattern on linen, I just couldn't figure out how to make it work.  I went online to see if there was a correction and found nothing.  I then sent a Facebook message to the designer, someone local who I personally know.  Her response was that the pattern should have been two pages and only one was printed and that I should "just wing it".  They will be printing a correction in the next issue.  I have a real problem with this.  Yes, I could "just wing it", but could a newbie figure it out? Don't mean to sound bitchy, but for an $8.99 magazine there should not be one mistake, let alone two. 

Anyway, here is my finished mat.  It's about  10 3/4" x 15" and I am pleased with the way it came out.  Of course, the colors are much  better in person.

I also decided to join Saundra and Gayle and hook this little hit 'n miss mat.  I needed something mindless, so I grabbed a handful of worms from each of the worm tubs and hooked away.  It's going very quickly.  I have absolutely no imagination, so, like Saundra's, mine is 12" x 12".  Too bad these mats are not even making a dent in the worms.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Thank You ~

Thank you so much for the good wishes on my retirement.  All the comments and emails truly warmed my heart.  The next few months are so busy it probably won't sink in for quite some time.  I must say it sure was nice not having to set my alarm for 5:30 this morning.    I was pupsitting and this alarm told me to get up at 7:30.  It is almost impossible to get a picture of her.  Though she has calmed down considerably, she is still very much the puppy.  My granddog Kali :)

Checking out the neighborhood

The show in Holly, MI, went well.  I made some fun money which is always good.  Here are pictures of our booth.

Melissa's AMAZING jewelry

I can't believe I didn't take pictures of any other booths.  The set ups were beautiful.  Lots of good stuff at some great prices.  I had my eye on a rather large dovetailed box.  I was happy it sold quickly so the temptation was gone :)  Earlene had the most wonderful little table but it's sad that I could not think of one spot in my house where it would fit ~ other than the basement.  Friend Bobbie hosted Melissa and me for the evening.  {{Thanks, Bobbie.}}  I bought these two frozen Charlottes from her for a former co-worker whose grandma's name was Charlotte.  They will be Christmas gifts for her mom and aunt.  Bobbie's necklaces were wonderful. 

Francine surprised us with a visit all the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  An eighteen hour trip.  Now that's a prim lover!  Didn't get a picture of her, either . . . sigh . . . but I did snag this one of her and her sweetie from Facebook.

My purchases ~

A fun pumpkin . . .

. . . and the sweetest little needle case (the piece in the front).

Two German putz sheep ~ complete with their neckbands and good legs.  So many in my flock have bad legs :(

My flock ~

I have no idea what I will do with these old wooden spoke wheels, but they spoke to me (bad pun intended).

Sweet little hypertufa snowman (no, I'm not hoping for winter) . . .

. . . and finally after years of saying I was going to try making one, a hypertufa beeskep.

Oh, and the sweetest little potty chair. 

Wish I had more room next to my commode because it would make the perfect tp holder.

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