Wednesday, August 29, 2012

They say it's not over until the fat lady sings . . .

. . . and she still isn't singing!

Sauder Village rug show ~ 2012

These two room size rugs were incredible.  Too bad the colors in the pictures are so washed out.

Guess who these rugs belong to :)

This rug just cracks me up!

The detail of this fine cut rug is unbelievable.

This one, too.

LOVE this rug!!!

Three WONDERFUL versions of the same rug.  It's impossible to choose a favorite!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

A Little of This, a Little of That ~

Once again, I am trying to organize the wool room.  Any more, it seems like it always needs help!  I was trying to get some semblance of order in the closet and came upon a little brown bag.  In the bag was this tiny putz sheep.

He is only about 1 3/4" inches tall.  The sad part is that I have absolutely NO recollection of purchasing him.  I mean no idea of where or when.  That scares me!!!

Yesterday at the Hinckley Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks system, they had their annual dog paddle.  They drain about half the pool and humans can take their furbabies for a swim.  At any given time there had to a hundred dogs in the pool.  

Annie and I were there to help at the Ohio Pug Rescue booth and to hopefully find Annie's furever home.  We do not do on-site adoptions, but I don't think anyone fell in love with her . . . sigh.  Maybe next time :)
A few random pug pictures . . .

Pug butts



In the wool closet I also found this little wool applique kit I purchased in 1996, complete with sales receipt.  The projects include a pillow, heart pin, picture and a pincushion.  The wool is a bit bright but I'm sure could be toned down with a little coffee or tea. I know I will never make it, so if anyone is interested, leave me a comment.  (Please be sure to state that you are interested.)  If more than one person is interested, I will draw a name on Thursday night.

I've changed a couple of my blog settings, so if you have any problems leaving a comment, please let me know.  (I'm hoping this will help you, Doris.)  I will also no longer allow anonymous comments.  I was just getting more and more garbage comments.  If you wish to remain anonymous, in lieu of leaving me a comment, you can send me an email.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

On With the Show ~


What fun to see the same pattern hooked four different ways!

There were many rugs at the show hooked in a very fine cut.  I would guess this was hooked in a 3 cut.

What detail.

The hooker of this turkey said that upon seeing the antique postcard that was so ugly, she just had to hook it . . . lol!

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