Sunday, June 29, 2014

Be My Valentine ~

Be My Valentine was the theme of the 2014 Kid'l de Divey hook-in at Kingwood Center in Mansfield, OH, which is now but a pleasant memory.  Katie and crew always do an excellent job putting on this hook-in in the most gorgeous setting.  A good time was had by all.
If you chose to participate, you brought a 4" x 6" Valentine you made.  Most were hooked but not all.  If you brought a Valentine, you received one to take home.
Aren't they fun?

This was my Valentine.
I don't think I could sew something on straight if my life depended on it :)

Here is the Valentine I came home with.  So simple and sweet.

I was lucky to be asked to sell my spoon necklaces and garden markers at the hook-in.  I was most pleased with my sales.  I only bought a half yard of wool (such restraint) and this sweet little pin cushion.  Lanna of Humble Rugs is a very talented hooker and needle puncher, rug designer and the maker of delightful pin cushions.    

Even with friends to watch my booth, I tried not to be gone for long.  I didn't realize how few pictures I had taken, but I hope you enjoy the show.


I love this rug.

Since I made a little cash, I treated myself at the antique show today.  Stay tuned.
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'd Forget my Head . . .

. . . if it wasn't attached.  Last Sunday I went to the Crows on the Ledge hook in.  I'm about half way there (about 30 minutes) when I realize I'd forgotten my frame.  Thankfully Donna had a frame I could use.  Did I remember to get out my camera?  NO.
Aren't these cool?  Julia from South Carolina won some garden markers from me and she was so sweet she gifted me these Santas.  She lives near the beach in South Carolina and gathers these oyster shells and turns them in to these wonderful Santas.  She also sent me a beautifully sewn pincushion and some sea glass.  How lucky can a hooker get?
Speaking of gifts, dear friend Wink gave me this green feather edge bowl as a belated birthday gift (in addition to treating me to a night at the bed and breakfast in Zoar).  I have a large collection of blue, (see it here) but this is only my second piece of green.  I am truly blessed to call her friend.

While in Zoar area, we hit a few antique malls, but IMHO, there weren't too many antiques in these malls.  I did buy this metal eagle.  I think maybe it is from the top of a flag pole but I'm not sure.  Perhaps vintage but definitely not antique, but that's okay because I like him just the same.  I know I purchased a few other things but they must be pretty unmemorable because I can't think of what they are.
For years I've planned on making these concrete leaves but still haven't, so I picked these up from a vendor at the Zoar community garden.  I almost bought a third one but didn't.  I should have because I was going to keep one for myself and give one as a gift, but now they will both be gifts.  (The larger one is just over 12" tall.)  

I also got this sweet Turtlecreek pottery sheep.  (Half price - yeah.)

Saturday is the hook in at Kingwood Garden in Mansfield, OH.  It is put on by the sweetest hooker you will ever meet, Katie of Kid'l de Divey Woolens.  She has asked me to vend my hooker necklaces so I've been busy stamping away.  Anything I can do to help support my habit.
Hopefully I'll get out the camera and have lots to share.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Twenty Three Months Later ~

What Nots, an adaptation of an antique rug, pattern purchased from the Woolley Fox.  Started at a Heavens to Betsy retreat in July of 2012.  I finally pulled the last loop tonight.  The finished size is 23" x 41".  This is the largest rug I've hooked so far.  Oh, it feels good to finally have this one done.  There's no good reason why it wasn't done long ago . . . sigh.  {Of course it's not this washed out looking in person.}

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Garden Tour ~

Zoar, Ohio
Biennial garden tour
June 21, 2014

Hanging from a shepherd's hook

Fun :)

Dear friend Wink

Anything can be garden art :)

Doug resides in Zoar and works for Proven Winners.  He gave a most informative talk and shared his gardens with us.  That man is a fount of plant knowledge.

SO MUCH inspiration.  It made me want to come home and get busy in the yard, but I was gone all day today . . . and I wonder why I can't get anything done . . . lol.
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Thursday, June 19, 2014

They're Baaaack ~

It's that time of year again on the shores of Lake Erie.  Mayflies, aka Canadian soldiers, are hatching from the bottom of the lake.  They are harmless creatures that do not bite, eat or poop ~ basically they just are an annoyance ~ but I have this irrational fear of them.  So far they are not as plentiful as in years past and I hope it stays that way.  They say that their population is directly tied to the health of the lake, so more is better ~ but not for me.
Tomorrow I am heading off to play for a couple of days.  I am taking a trip to Zoar, OH, a German Separatist community founded in 1817, (you can read more about it here) to meet up with longtime friend Wink, stay a wonderful B & B, antique and just enjoy the friendship of 40+ years. 
I think I posted a picture a few months ago of this bench I found on Facebook.
Well, my bench that I picked off a neighbor's trash pile a few years ago, isn't nearly as wonderful.
Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try.  DSO helped modify it and shore it up a little since it was even more rotted than I realized.  It was filling in nicely.
Well, the other night I had some unwelcome visitors by the name of Bambi.  They decided to munch on the sweet potato vine, and also some geraniums and pansies.  {{Stop on over to Acorn Hollow and see what they did to her hostas.  GGRRRRR}}
I just finished the binding on my little mat, a freebie design by Kankerdoodle
Well, I better go think about throwing a few things in an overnight bag so I can head out bright and early tomorrow morning.
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