Tuesday, August 14, 2018

What's Up ~

Tomorrow I am off to Sauder Village for the day.  I am taking a color planning workshop with Carol Decoteau from the Old Tattered Flag.  I've been agonizing about what rug to take with me.  It hit me the other night about 1:00 am as I tossed and turned.

I've been wanting to hook Anne Nichols' 1847 Turkey for many years (lower right corner).  I found the booklet a couple years ago but never put the pattern on linen.  

The pattern is now on linen and ready for me to take.  I've pulled a few wools that I think may work. 
I'm also in the process of hooking a mini version of the antique rug, Hearts and Clover.  Here are two that I hooked a few years ago.

Here's the mini version currently on my frame.  I may add a couple hearts on the bottom corners.  I plan to attach this to a vintage picnic basket as a Christmas gift.  For once I am trying not to wait until the last minute to hook a few gifts.

Hopefully I will have lots to share from Sauder.
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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Remember When?

Remember when these dolls were considered "primitive"?  My how things have changed.  This doll was gifted to me at least 30 - 35 years ago (maybe more) by dear friend Wink.  We go back to 1972 :)  We still get together once or twice a year and I am heading to southern Ohio to pay her a visit at the end of the week.  It's a very special friendship, indeed :)

Her apron says "Lauren, a stitcher of fine samplers".
Back in the day, I was primarily a cross stitcher ~ long before my hooking days.  This stairway leads up to my second floor.  All were stitched by me with the exception of one antique sampler.
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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Puttin' on my Sad Face ~

In the front yard, I had two wonderful OLD maple trees.  This one was estimated at 65' tall.

Though still alive, it was dying.  The other night during a thunderstorm, I got up to be sure it was still standing.  I worried that it would take out my house ~ or the neighbor's.  I had hired a tree company to cut it down, but they had not yet shown up.

Today was the day.  I was fascinated watching them take her down.  It was like a well orchestrated ballet.

The last cuts :(

The tree was located on what we call the tree lawn, also known as a hell strip.  Unfortunately city ordinance does not allow me to replace it.
On a happier note, Maple Sugar Hearts is finally bound.  It sure took me long enough.
It is even labeled :)

Nothing is on the frame at present time.  I did draw out a little mat to hook that I hope to attach to the top of a vintage picnic basket.
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Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday Musings ~

I have to start the post off with something that will make you smile.  A dear friend sent me this picture of her grandpug Oliver.  It says it all.  Congrats to a dear, dear friend.

I haven't had a chance to bind any more on my Maple Sugar Hearts rug.  I was sure I'd have it done by now.  I hope to go hooking tomorrow and can work on it then.  I've been busy making scissor minders.  Not something I particularly enjoy doing, but I sold all the others I made at a previous show.  Probably this time, none will sell.  One just never knows what will.

Did you know that you can have your esophagus stretched?  I did not but according to the gastroenterologist, it is a common procedure.  I have been having some minor swallowing issues for a few years and had it done this morning.  I am amazed at how quickly I was sedated and also how quickly I recovered.  The only side effect I have is a sore throat which is to be expected.  I thought this was a "growing old" thing, but the doctor says it is not.  I am so happy it is over.  I am such a worrier. 

I really need to get something ready to put on the frame, plus next week during rug week at Sauder Village I am taking a color planning class and don't have anything that needs color planning at the moment.  I'd best better figure something out.

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Clarification ~

On my last post I reported that I was two worms short of finishing.  I just meant that I hadn't brought enough cut wool with me on the trip.  Lots more dark worms at home.  Janice wanted to know what I would do to resolve the problem.  I would find a similar wool to use and take out random worms throughout the area and add the new ones in to balance it out.  Make any sense?
I couldn't decide what border I wanted on Maple Sugar Hearts.  First I was going to hook it as shown in the book.  I tried with a 9 cut and then an 8 1/2, but it just seemed too much for the rug where the heart area is only 5 1/4" wide.  This pic shows a pretty good representation of the color.

I will never understand the difference in digital photos.  This picture is so washed out.  I opted for a simple border with one row of red and three rows of black hooked in an 8 1/2 cut.

I got about half the binding done (yippee) on the way to and from the vet appointment (about 2 hours car time) for Ernestine's annual checkup.  I'm happy to report that she is doing great.

OK.  This is not for those who are afraid of snakes :)  In the yard yesterday, this guy was sunning himself on the spiderwort.  He slithered away after I snapped a couple pics.  Spiderwort is taking over my gardens.  It is so pretty early in the season then gets really ugly, starts turning brown and falls over.  I have been cutting some of it but really need to dig it out.   
Last week at the Crooked River Rug Hookers guild meeting, we celebrated Christmas in July, complete with a decorated Christmas tree thanks to guild president Heidi.  There was a mat exchange if you wished to participate.  This is the mat I received.  Very cool!  CRRH for the name of our guild and ATHA (Association of Traditional Rug Hooking)  for our affiliation.  I love the red, white and blue.  Thanks, Patty Cassidy :)

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Monday, July 30, 2018

Oshkosh by Gosh ~

I'm back from our whirlwind trip to Oshkosh, WI, to the EAA AirVenture.  Over 1,000 miles in just under 3 days.  Oshkosh is quite the adventure.  We had a great time enjoying all the aircraft, displays and air shows.  Grandson Jake was in awe.  He was most impressed with the C-5 Galaxy aircraft.

No matter how many times it is explained to me, I still don't think anything this large should be able to fly!
Here's Jake standing next to it.

The highlight for both Fritz and me was meeting Connie Palacioz, a genuine Rosie the Riveter.  At 93 years young, she was just delightful.  At the age of 17, Palacioz worked at the Boeing plant in Wichita as a riveter, building the 41 section (nose) on the B-29 Superfortress manufacturing line. Connie’s work on the B-29 line included installing the rivets on B-29 Doc when it was built in Wichita in 1944. Sixty years later, Connie returned to Wichita and helped hundreds of volunteers restore B-29 Doc and return the warbird to flight.  She proudly said that Doc sat in the desert for 40 years and when it was recovered was missing only 7 rivets.

After Oshkosh we made a quick stop in Chicago for a visit with my niece and family.  Jake always is happy to spend time with his cousins.
We had to cut our Chicago visit short because my Las Vegas son flew home Saturday morning (and was leaving Sunday evening) for the funeral of a long time friend.  Here he is with Jake who is now slightly taller than him.

Both my bad boys.

I did get lots of hooking done on the trip.  I almost finished Maple Sugar Hearts.  I was two worms short.  Really?
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

A Hooking Start ~

Saturday we attended an Irish wake.  In March a woman in her early 60's lost her battle to cancer and her wish was for her husband to have an Irish wake.  We had never been to one and are so happy to have been invited to attend.  Bagpipers, Irish dancers, lots of food and spirits.  A true celebration of life, but I almost broke down when the bagpipers played Amazing Grace.  That song always tugs at my heart.

Sunday we headed to Michigan for a graduation party.  On the drive, I got to work on Maple Sugar Hearts.  Once again I am hooking with an 8 cut since the hearts are only 2 1/2" tall.  Hopefully the rest of the rug will be hooked with an 8 1/2 and 9 cut.  Progress so far.  It was hard to get a decent picture.  There will be at least several rows of border that are not drawn in.  I'm still deciding.
Early Thursday, DSO, grandson Jake and I will be heading to Oshkosh, WI, for the EEA AirVenture.  DSO attends most years, but this will be a first for both me and Jake.  It is a weeklong aviation event with thousands of airplanes, daily airshows, vendors, exhibits and more.  Hopefully on the 8 hour drive each way I will get lots of hooking done.  Saturday we make a quick stop in Chicago to visit with my niece and family.  Jake always looks forward to spending time with his cousins.  I'll check in when I get home :)

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