Sunday, June 28, 2020


My brother's twice delayed surprise 70th birthday party finally happened :)  I think his DSO could not have handled one more cancellation.  Here he is arriving at the party.  It was assumed he would recognize some of the cars upon his arrival, so we were all standing on the second floor balcony yelling "SURPRISE" . . . and I do think he was genuinely surprised.

A fun idea for a do-it yourself card.

Finally ~ something hooked to share with you.  I originally hooked the mouth but was not liking it.

At hooking the other day, I finally finished his face.  A couple people said he looked good without a mouth.

Friend Linda had suggested buttons in lieu of a hooked mouth.  I like it and now need to stitch them on.  The pattern is Chilly and can be found here.

Here is the background wool.  I have very little left but wish I had more.  I really like how it hooked up.  The rug is ready for binding . . . next on my list . . . and we all know how much we love binding (other than you, Robin!).

This about sums up how I feel.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020


The hydrangeas are drop dead gorgeous this year.  More flowers than I have ever had . . . and knock on wood, the da** deer have not destroyed them.  I am simply amazed.  Look at the difference  in color on one flower head!

This is on the same plant.

And so is this.

Two plants.

A few more pictures from around the yard.  Mind you, my yard is small but I have lots of perennials.

The baby bathtub is filling in nicely.  Thank you Miracle Gro.

Next post I promise to finally show something hooking related.

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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Another One Bites the Dust ~

Sadly Anne Bond's rug camp near the end of September has been cancelled.  I have a few small group rug hooking events this summer ~ groups of about 8, 14 and 18 ~ that I hope and pray are not going to cancelled.  I need normal in my life.  I am still in such a funk.  I thought by now I would have another hooked snowman finish to share.  Sadly, my progress is uber slow and I can't blame it on spending time cross stitching because that has been set aside in frustration.

Since a post needs at least a few pictures . . . 

The clematis that once lived on my parents' farm.  I've had it for 20 years and it was at least that old when I got it.  It is simply beautiful every year.

I guess I've never been so up close and personal with a dragonfly.  I had no idea they had transparent wings. 

Thanks to the Evening Stitcher, Denise, Vonda, Kay and Linda.  You are all no reply-comment bloggers so I could not respond to you personally.  Just know I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and comment.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A Few Thoughts ~

In my 10+ years of blogging, I can only recall posting something political once.  I've posted about political correctness but to me that's different.  Here are a few things I stole from Facebook so I guess I am making a political statement for the second time.

And this sent to me by a dear friend.  She did not write it and I don't think she will mind if I pass it on.

I can’t keep up. I just can’t. I'm stressed. I’m exhausted trying to figure out what we’re all supposed to do, believe, and be outraged by next. 

Two months ago, First Responders were all the rage. In fact, they were heroes. We gave them free coffee, meals, and cheers as they drove by.  Today we hate them and want them defunded because they can’t be trusted. 

Nurses and Doctors are still cool for now. But they may be unemployed.  They too are heroes, unless of course they truly believe all lives matter. Then they’re filled with hate and are part of problem like so many others. 

Just 45 days ago protests weren’t “essential” and were considered criminal, selfish and a murderous activity. Today they are gloriously critical and celebrated.  All of the obvious criminal and murderous activities are simply ignored. If you protest about lockdowns for freedom, you are selfish and you will spread a virus. If you protest, loot, and riot for social justice, you are a warrior and the virus cedes. 

Trust the experts. No, not those experts. Don’t wear masks ... wear masks, but only good ones. Wait, don’t wear masks, wear anything as a mask.  Nevermind on the masks. Not sure, but if you don’t, you hate people because you could be an asymptomatic spreader. Wait. That's not a thing anymore?

For 3 months, NOTHING was more important than social distance. In fact, we gave up all of our liberties for it. We canceled schools, medical and dental procedures, yet allowed the murder of babies, canceled activities, closed businesses, eliminated every spring rite of passage from prom to graduation, denied people funerals, even at Arlington, and we wrecked the economy for it. Then came social justice, and social distance was no more. Now things are more cut and dry though. A thousand people at three memorials for someone they never even met. It's a matter of "respect". But you can only assemble 100 or less people. 

Black Lives Matter. Of course they do. Then multiple black police officers and individuals were killed during the “peaceful protests”. I don’t see any outrage. Black individually owned businesses burned to the ground. Silence. Deadliest weekend in Chicago. NOTHING!! 

I’m really confused now. Look at the data, NO, not that data. Do the math. No, you can’t do the math like that. Only the experts can understand the data and math. What do you mean other cities/states/governors are interpreting the data differently? Pools are safe in Indiana, but not Michigan? Playgrounds are safe in your town but not mine? Amusement parks are safe in Florida but not Ohio?

Just listen to the black community leaders. No, not them. 

If you are silent you are part of the problem. If you speak, you are part of the problem. If you have to ask, you don’t understand. If you don’t ask, you don’t care. 

It’s all so predictable, tedious, and exhausting. Nothing adds up. It’s one gigantic common core Math life problem, with ever changing denominators that I’m sure the media and politicians are eagerly ready to solve for us....until the next "crisis". 

So for now I pray. I pray God will heal our land and bless the United States of America.

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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Political Correctness ~

Do you think political correctness has just gone too far?  HBO Max is no longer streaming Gone with the Wind.  Lady Antebellum is now Lady A.  Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam will no longer carry guns.  

I've said all along we must laugh or we will cry.

Happy Sunday.
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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Better than Nothing ~

I finally picked up my hook yesterday.  Not much to share, but something is better than nothing, right?  It's Christmas gift #2 :)

I don't want to start a larger project until my Cindi Gay class next month.  I've chosen a largish (for me) eagle pattern from my stash.  It looks like the class is really going to happen!!!  It will be my first real outside adventure in more months than I care to think about.

A few more pictures around the yard.  Last night a storm came through and we got some much needed rain.  Not nearly enough, but once again, something is better than nothing :)

I love this birdbath that I picked up at a yard sale for a couple bucks last year.  Have not yet seen one bird in it.

My lone little ruffled petunia in my old wheelbarrow.  The only flower since the deer decided to eat them :(

Don't you just love peonies?

One of my two little rose bushes.  I pretty much have a green thumb but not much luck with roses.  I need to get some spray because the leaves are being seriously eaten on both the plants.

The baby bathtub is filling in nicely.  Very invasive spiderwort in front.  They are pretty when in bloom but afterwords are quite scrappy looking.

Porch on the north side of my house.

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Monday, June 8, 2020

Finally ~

I don't understand why this little mat took me well over 2 weeks to hook and bind.  For Pete's sake it is only 12" x 12 1/2".  Mr. Jingles.  Pattern by Notforgotten Farm.  

In lieu of rusty bells, I used antique shoe buttons.  I think he came out pretty darn sweet if I do say so myself :)  (Christmas gift #1 done.)

Ohio is beginning to open up though I really have been nowhere.  More and more hooking events are being cancelled.  Rug Week at Sauder Village (August) has been cancelled.  My guild's hook in (October) has also been cancelled.  Our chairperson is unable to talk to anyone at the rec center where it was to be held and we have no way of knowing what the guidelines for gatherings will be in the fall.  It is just so sad what this damn virus has done to our country.  On a bright note, my class with Cindi Gay has been rescheduled for July.  The group is small and three days of hooking sounds like heaven.

So sad that I am home just about all the time and don't have more to show for it.  Busy all the time but I can't figure out where the time goes or what I have been doing.  Nothing to talk about.  B.O.R.I.N.G.  I haven't had hook in hand for at least a week.  I am just in a funk.  I'm sure many of you feel the same way.  This virus has really begun to wear me down :(

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

It Doesn't Take Much to Amuse Me ~

I've never had one let alone two butt potatoes :)  Like I said, it doesn't take much to amuse me these days.

Nothing to share on the stitchy or hooky front, so I will share more pictures of the yard.

Siberian iris are one of my absolute favorites.

As I've previously mentioned, the irises are beautiful this year and very prolific.

My yard is a jungle.

My baby bathtub planter.  I just bought some Miracle Gro today so hopefully this will begin to fill in soon.

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