Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lakeside F-U-N ~

Hooking at Lakeside, Ohio, is now just a wonderful memory.  Three days of hooking heaven.  Gorgeous weather, great food, wonderful hooking friends both old and new.  I just can't say enough good things about Katie's retreat.  This is the "cottage" we stayed in.  I think it can sleep about twenty.  If interested, it is for sale and the price has been reduced to $890,000.00 :) .  It is not a lakefront property, but looking out from the front porch, you look upon a park and the lake is beyond that.  

Remnants of an old fountain in the park . . .

. . . sitting near the cannon.

Hotel Lakeside, built in 1875 is nearby.  

VERY Victorian.

Looking out on to Lake Erie.

Just a few of the "cottages" at Lakeside.  See the plaque above the door?

How fun is that?  What a great mom and dad :)

Friday's sunset over Lake Erie.  The sky changes quickly in a matter of minutes.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  In my next post, I will share some hooking.
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Pug Lottery ~

Do you remember this face?  A face only a mother could love :)  My Annie was the last pug I fostered, a pug wannabee, who was with me for 16 months.  I wondered if she would ever get adopted.

If there was such a thing as a pug lottery, Annie won it and I am so happy for her.  I got an update from her furever mom Kas the other day. Let me tell you, that girl has a better social life than I do.  She goes to coffee shops and wineries, hikes and even goes on bike rides.

This girl has it made.  

Annie's chariot

Do you think she may be just a bit spoiled? 

Meet our newest work cat, HeShe.  HeShe was probably born last Thursday or Friday.  She was found alone Friday in the complex where I work, in the shop area where equipment is stored (trucks, excavators, street sweepers, etc).  She was found crying, lying in filth.  Our office seasonal worker brought her in the office, cleaned her up and went and bought kitty formula.  She spent the weekend with Nora and today joined us at the office.  Nora plans to take care of her until she is old enough to be adopted.  We know there is a chance she may not survive, but Nora is doing all she can to see that doesn't happen.  

I have been agonizing over what rug to take to work on at Katie's retreat at Lakeside this week. Of course I should be taking a rug that I will give as a Christmas gift, but just couldn't decide, so I went to my stash and pulled the wool for this pattern I purchased a couple years ago.  

I've also drawn up a little Magdalena Briner inspired rug to take with me, so I have a choice of what to work on, but first I will finish the birthday rug I am working on.  I am very close to being done.  

I snagged this off Facebook.  Isn't this the truth???  I wish I could give credit to the designer/hooker, but I have no information to pass one.  

The other night there was the most incredible sunset.  This picture was taken through my windshield.

I was down to the lakefront in about two minutes and by the time I got there, most of the really good color was gone, but I did manage to get a couple pictures with my phone.  The sky was absolutely breathtaking!

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stuff on Saturday ~

Why is it when you have money burning a hole in your pocket you really don't find something you can't live without?  Today there was a first time outdoor antique/primitive show not far from home.  I was sure I would find that something. Because of the weather, I am thinking some of the vendors did not show.  There were a few lucky vendors under cover on concrete and a few indoors, but those in the grassy area had to contend with puddles of water from the monsoon we got overnight.  We needed the rain, but it sure ruined many outdoor activities.  It did clear up in the early afternoon, so hopefully more buyers showed up.
I did make a few small purchases.  This little gal with alpaca hair is a Christmas gift.

Just what I don't need is more Halloween stuff.  I have five big boxes/tubs sitting in the living room waiting to be unloaded.  I still haven't grasped simplify :(

This wee nun has a few "issues" but she so reminded me of my Catholic school days.  I'm not sure if I'll keep her or she'll move on to another Catholic friend.

She has the sweetest face.  Her eyes open  . . .

. . . and close.  I don't remember the nuns wearing so much lipstick :)

Today was also the annual picnic of the Multiple Breed Rescue.  That is the rescue that saved Ellie. Thankfully the weather had cleared.  I had no idea how large that rescue is.  There must have been 150 people there and nearly that many dogs. Ellen was one of the dogs pictured here. She in the middle row, third dog down.

Though a little blurry (sorry), you can see the cast on her leg.  Before friend Judy adopted her, she had surgery for a luxating patella.  I think the surgery was only partially successful because she sometimes will hop around on three legs and the vet said her kneecaps are pretty loose.  

She was better behaved than I thought she would be around so many other dogs, but her "little dog syndrome" did kick in a few times, once when we were near a local "dog whisperer" who was giving training advice.  He went and got what I call a "behavior modification collar", put it on her and it seemed rather effective, so of course I bought one. I think that was the whole idea . . . lol!  It is a prong type collar, but the prongs are plastic rather than metal.  I hope it will improve her behavior.  She just wants to kill some other dogs, especially big ones.  She has no clue that she weighs only 11 1/2 pounds!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This 'n That ~

Thank you so much for the visit.  I really do appreciate the time you take to read my ramblings :)

Last night hooker friend Melissa and I headed a little over an hour south to spend the evening hooking with Katie of Kid'l de Divey Woolens. I had the pleasure of meeting several new hookers - all hooking wonderful rugs - and I never even took my camera out of my bag.  GGGRRRRR!!!  I hate when I forget to take pictures.  I finally have a new rug on the frame but I can't share it because it is a gift for a friend's birthday.   

I've finally drawn the winner of the button bracelet.  Congrats to Julie of Dog Trot Farm. Please email me your snail mail address and your choice of bracelet.  Please take the time to visit Julie's blog if you've not done so.  She has the most adorable grandson!  Thanks to all who entered.
* * *
Lakeside, Ohio, is a private community on the shores of Lake Erie.  It was formed in 1873 by the Methodist Church and remains a church affiliated vacation resort.  It is one of only a few independent Chautauquas that persist in the 21st century.  It is approximately one square mile in size and the entire community is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  And why am I telling you all this?  Because I will be spending three glorious days hooking there with Katie. Hooker friends Melissa, Sheila and Bobbie (the Evening Stitcher) will be sharing a room.  I think there are going to be 24 of us having a hooking good time.  Now the pressure is on to figure out what to bring to hook.  At least that is good pressure :)

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Skunkfest ~

Skunkfest???  Yes, you read that correctly, Skunkfest.  The 12th annual Skunkfest was held in North Ridgeville, Ohio, yesterday.  The weather actually co-operated this year.  The previous two years Mother Nature was not so kind.  Believe it or not, there are lots of skunk lovers out there. In fact, they came from as far away as Florida and New York, and National Geographic and Discovery were there filming.  Grandson Jake, Loocie the pug and I came to work the Ohio Pug Rescue Booth.

Not me . . . and not Loocie :)

Surprisingly, skunks come in many colors ~ though not the blue of this picture.  I'm not sure what is going on with my camera.



Jake having his caricature drawn.  

He even had her add his spider.

A very talented young lady studying to be an early education teacher.  

Sorry I didn't draw the winner of the button bracelet yet.  Soon.  I promise.
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