Wednesday, September 30, 2015

In Progress ~

I put my Ellie rug aside (pattern by Primitive Junky, you can find it here) . . .
. . . to work on Eke and Zeke (pattern designed by Lori Brechlin and sold by Spruce Ridge Studio, you can find it here) . . .

I am so close
(I need to work on the pumpkin's eyes
and the cat's face),
I should just finish it :)
. . . to be put aside to work on  Old Tom (another pattern by Lori Brechlin, found here). 

I usually don't have so many rugs in progress.  I guess I'd better get busy.  Have any of you joined the hooking challenge with the Out of Hand Rug Hookers on Facebook?  Just what I don't need is to start another rug, but I think I may join in.  What I really should be hooking is a few Christmas presents.  I mean, tomorrow is October 1.  How did that happen?
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Monday, September 28, 2015

In the Spirit of Friends ~

Saturday I took a quick trip to Malabar Farm for the antique/primitive show, In the Spirit of Friends.  How funny that I know more people an hour and a half from home than I do when I go some place locally. 
I did make a few small purchases.  Heavens knows that I don't need to buy anything, but I can't come home empty handed :)
This little wall box is just sweet.  Maybe vintage but definitely not antique. 
I'm a sucker for boxes.  This one is missing its lid . . . 

. . . but has amazing dovetails . . . 

. . . and the most wonderful inlaid heart shaped escutcheon. 

Two vintage ornaments ~ a pipe cleaner Santa and a glass bead star.

Stacy Nash was there with the most beautiful hand dyed velveteens.  I only bought 1/8 of a yard, but would have loved to buy more.  I don't need to start a stash of velveteen :)
My sister was in town for her class reunion.  I won't say how many years ago she graduated.  I won't even say how many years ago I graduated.  Here she is with grandson Jake and #2 badboy J.  I think Jake will be taller than she is next time she comes to town.

My sister is not a dog person so of course Ellie wouldn't leave her alone.

That's about all that is happening on Ohio's north coast.  Thanks so much for the visit.
Pug hugs :)


Friday, September 25, 2015

More Lakeside Fun ~

One just never knows what to expect from Katie Allman of Kid'l de Divey Woolens.  Saturday evening dinner was one of those times.  Since this year's theme was Horsin' Around at the Lake ~ a Rootin' Tootin' Good Time, Sam the Bartender from Gunsmoke showed up, serving us Sarsaparilla.

Sheriff Matt Dillon also paid us a visit . . .

. . . along with Miss Kitty. 

The annuals at Lakeside are still beautiful.  Most hanging baskets are already looking weary, but not this one.  It consists of two pots and is probably 5' across.
Wikipedia defines a cairn as "a human-made pile (or stack) of stones".  I posted pictures of these last year, but I think they have been added to.  I just love the fact that no one disturbs them.  In so many places, that would not be the case.
Eke and Zeke is very near completion and I've decided on my next project.  It is another Lori Brechlin pattern, Old Tom.  I've never hooked a turkey so we'll see how I do on this one.  It is a small  pattern, measuring approximately 12" x 15", so it should hook up quickly. 

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Lakeside Fun ~

Oh, I hate being so technologically challenged.  Most of the Lakeside pictures are on my phone, and tonight I can't get a one downloaded to my desktop or to my blog :(  Here are a few I had on the digital camera.  
Bobbie ended up in jail a couple times.  This time was because she made a disparaging remark about the Ohio State Buckeyes and proceeded to yell "GO BLUE".  To get out of jail, someone had to post bail ~ a quarter yard of wool.
Sue with her sad face.
Arlene hard at work on her bathing beauties.  She had already finished two works in progress.

Polly with her completed rug.  Upon completion of a rug, you got a free pony ride :)

That's it for today.  I really hope I can sweet talk someone in to helping me get the pictures to my desktop.
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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Horsin' Around at the Lake ~

Horsin' Around at the Lake is already just a fond memory.  What a fun time.  Katie Allman is THE BEST.  {{Love you Katie.}}  If you ever get a chance to take a class from Katie, you won't be sorry.  She is one of the sweetest, funniest hookers (or persons) you will ever meet.  You just never know what to expect from her.  Though I've been home since late morning, the day has slipped away, so I will share rugs from the throw down since they are on my camera.  I need to transfer pictures from my phone to my desktop which for me is a real challenge.  If I know the who hooked the rug, I will have it under the picture.  I am sorry I don't know who hooked some of them.
56" x 56"

Connie ~ our overachiever.  She hooked this in a day and a half. 
If she didn't have to leave early, I'm sure she would have finished it.


Close up of the witch :)





Bobbie - one of my partners in crime

Melissa - another partner in crime
Sheila - my third partner in crime
Mary Kay


Linda C


Linda P - hooked from photographs - in a 3 cut!!!





My rug.  Eke and Zeke from Spruce Ridge Studios.  It is much more muted in person and I still need to finish the face.  I'm not happy with the nose and mouth.  The green background is the dye formula that Saundra shared on her blog.  I liked it so much on her two Halloween rugs, I decided to be a copy cat.  Friday I thought I might be able to finish it, but I just wasted too much time on Saturday.

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