Friday, July 29, 2022

From Bad to Worse ~

The dining room area has gone from bad to worse 😁  I actually cleaned off the table enough the other day for three of us to eat dinner, but that was short lived.

Several people have offered to help me if needed, but I have a hard time accepting help.  I think I should be wonder woman and do it all myself.  One dear friend showed up yesterday and packaged silverplate items.  Thank you Belinda!

A pile of wool even ended up on the floor . . . and is still there.

My original goal was to applique 30 pumpkins on old coverlet pieces.  These are #18 and #19.  When I hit #20, I am D.O.N.E.  I really am sick of them and they take more time than I care to admit!

I'm sure you grammar Nazis will appreciate this one 😛

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Monday, July 25, 2022

Back to Reality ~

It took me until 11:00 pm Wednesday to finally get packed and I remembered everything I was to take.  Normally I'd say we have 12-14 people at the retreat.  This time there was only 6 of us, but a good time was had by all.

Check out the name of this rug.  Isn't it fun?  Lee made great progress.

She chose the perfect wool for Samson!

Vicki is super hooker.  She started and finished this . . . in record time . . . and then was working on finishing some hearts she had cross stitched.  I purchased this pattern last winter so hopefully she has inspired me to hook it.  Saundra also hooked this last year.

These rugs were all started in the Sally Kalin class in June.

Melissa's sheep . . . 

Lynn's kitty . . . 

Carole's houses . . .

Part of my time was spent working on more applique pumpkins, but I finally found made time to hook a bit on Love Birds, also started in Sally's class.  

There is a very trendy shop downtown Millersburg.  I am no fashion maven.  Check these out.  I would not be caught dead in these (and I am sure they are outrageously expensive), but two of the hookers said their daughters would wear them.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Right on Schedule ~

 ~ to leave in the morning for a quick hooking get-away in Millersburg.    Meaning . . . I have not yet packed.  The hooking is good to go, but not other "necessities".  The day has vanished in to thin air.  I was hoping I would not need to go water outside, but our thunderstorms never materialized.  Our rain consisted of the concrete not even getting wet.  ARGH!

So . . . I leave you with this and hopefully will have some hooking to show upon my return.

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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Leaves of Three ~


Once again a few poison ivy plants were creeping under the fence from the neighbor's yard.  I finally decided they must go!  I donned disposable gloves, tore it out and headed in the house to thoroughly wash my arms with dish soap.  I thought I was good.  NOT!!!  Thankfully I found the prescription cream leftover from last year so hopefully I can get some relief.  And to think when I moved here 20+ years ago I tore so much out without issue.  Our bodies sure do change as we age 😩

I am still just spinning my wheels.  Have not had hook in hand.  A  few more things are made for Sauder but not nearly what I hope to accomplish.  I guess I just need to accept that it is what it is and to stop stressing over it.  BUT . . . I will get a three day break this week when I head off to hook in Millersburg.

Here is a sampling of pumpkins on old coverlet pieces.  I have ten done but hope to make more.  They are so simple but take more time than I care to admit.

I bought a little birdbath the other day.  A fun addition to the yard.  There is a local guy who does stone carving.  I hadn't stopped in a few years and his skills have gotten better and better.    

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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Nary a Loop . . .

 . . . has been pulled in forever.  As usual, I am having a hard time keeping up with life and yard and trying to make things for rug week vending at Sauder Village in August.  This is what my dining room table . . . aka craft room table . . . has looked like for weeks.  Ack!  Good thing I live alone because even I can't stand the chaos.

I had to add a card table at the end to hold it all.

So . . . with no hooking happening, I will share a few more flowers blooming in the yard.

I wish I was like Julia and knew the names of the daylilies.

I am simply amazed how quickly a stray hair can emerge 😛

Happy Saturday.
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Monday, July 4, 2022

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Love Birds ~

I have made a (very) little progress on Love Birds.  I am trying to hook a half hour a day and I even have a hard time finding that much time to spare 😖

Saundra recently posted about using "ugly" wool and how wonderfully it can hook up.  Sally chose this wool and my first reaction was butt ugly.  But I love the way it hooked up!  It is in the triangle area to the right of the wool.  (Someday . . . sigh . . . I would love to learn to take better photos to capture the true colors of the wool.  The wool is darker than it is showing.)

A little more about the fragment rugs.  Several of you commented that you could not see anything special/different about the rugs.  When you actually view the rugs, you can see that they look O.L.D. and the feel is something you would not believe.  They are so soft and supple.  They just have an old look/feel to them.

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