Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Finally ~

Geez.  Where does the time go?  I planned on doing a blog post a few days ago . . . sigh.  Better late than never, right?
Saturday I did head to the antique show in Lakeside, OH.  It's a nice show but loaded with jewelry dealers and others with booths full of glassware.  Neither much my style.  I did buy a couple 48 star flags to add to my crocks, a few skeleton keys (hope to make some necklaces) and a Christmas gift.  There were things I would have loved to bring home, but not at prices I was willing to pay. 
Lakeside Chautauqua is pretty much a summer community, sitting on the shore of Lake Erie.  Some of the cottages are just too stinkin' cute.

Granddog Kali went home on Sunday.  Overall she was a good girl :)

Ernestine has settled in nicely and is already family and the perfect little girl.  I picked her up only 2 1/2 weeks ago but it seems like we've had her forever.  (Technically she is DSO's dog.)  If you are considering getting a pet, please, please, please consider a rescue animal.  Most rescue animals are loving creatures just looking for a place to call home.  They are in rescue through no fault of their own.  If you think only old, sickly animals end up in rescue, you are wrong.  Ernestine came to rescue because one of her humans died and the other was going to a nursing home.  Remember adopt, don't shop.  Animals purchased at pet stores and through many ads in the newspaper and online are bred in horrific conditions at puppy mills.  If you don't believe me, do a Google search of puppy mills.  It will break your heart.
How could you not fall in love with this face?

I still have lots more rugs to post from Sauder.  Hopefully soon.
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I have no idea why I have this huge space at the end of this post and it will not let me delete it.  ARGH :(

Just went to edit and now it let me delete the wasted space.  Blogger can be so frustrating at times :(

Friday, August 25, 2017

Celebration of Hand Hooked Rugs 27

I'm sure many of you receive Rug Hooking Magazine and their Celebrations issue.  For those of you who don't, here are some of the rugs displayed at Sauder that are in the magazine.  I wanted to compare the pictures I am posting with the ones in my copy to be sure I didn't make any mistakes, but it seems to have gone missing . . . sigh.  Maybe it decided to hide with my missing proddy tool.

Details from the above rug.

Betsy (no reply blogger) asked what this rug was.  Jennie in GA left a comment that it is the foot of Jesus on the cross.  Thanks, Jennie.
I haven't found time to pull a loop in three days and I probably only have about a half hour of hooking left on my chickens rug.  Hopefully tomorrow ~ after I go to one, possibly two antique shows :)
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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Year of the Man

Eclipse viewing ~ 1923

Welcome friends.  There is so much hype about the eclipse.  My son and grandson even drove to Tennessee to get a good view.  Here in northern Ohio we are expecting to see about 80%.  Let's hope everyone heeds the warnings and will view it safely.
Rug week 2017 at Sauder Village was declared the "Year of the Man".  I know there are some famous male hookers (gigolo?).  A guild I belong to has 1 male member.  I was just surprised at how many men were showcased.  I hope I didn't miss any of them.  Hopefully you can enlarge the pictures to see who the men are.

 Enjoy the show :) 


More to share in my next post.
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