Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm back, Frannie's not, but Marvin is :(

I'm back from my long weekend get-away. It was wonderful to run away from reality for a few days, but it is always good to get back home. I will share some of my adventure in my next post.
While I was gone Frannie went to her forever home. This time I really hope it is forever.
Do you remember Marvin the five year old black boy I posted about on July 27th? He was the pug who was adopted by a child psychologist and was to become a therapy dog. I really thought he'd be the perfect guy for the job. I'm not sure the reason, but he was returned to Ohio Pug Rescue this weekend, and he's my new foster. This is the first time I am fostering a boy, so he'd better behave!!! He's sleeping on my couch while I post this and try to catch up with my emails. (Who am I kidding? I am NEVER caught up with my emails!)
Thank you for stopping by and please stop back soon.
Pug hugs :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Karin ~ this one's for you ~ cracked crock collection

Thank you for dropping in! Last evening was our monthly hooking get-together at the Fairview Park Library. We should be called the literate hookers! In my haste to get to the library, I forgot to bring my camera, so I don't have any rugs to share with you. I'll try to do better next time!

Karin asked me to share another one of my collections, so Karin, this is for you. This is my cracked crock collection. The majority of the crocks have major "issues", but I love them just the same. The bird crock is my absolute favorite. It was broken completely in half, but luckily it was a clean break so it was glued back together without being noticeable. It is marked Hudson, N.Y. Pottery. I'm guessing I've had it for at least 15 years (and it took me several years to find one I could afford!).
On the left is a Jas. Hamilton & Co. and on the right is a Hamilton & Jones.
The markings on the crock to the left is A. Conrad, Shinston, W. VA. The ones on the right are unmarked.

Another Hamilton & Jones on the upper shelf and an unmarked 2 gallon on the lower shelf.
Miscellaneous crocks on my bucket bench.
A 5 gallon crock with a stencilled eagle that I keep kindling in by the fireplace.

A 4 gallon crock marked C.W. Braun, Buffalo, NY.
A 3 gallon Redwing pottery crock. The lid is probably not original.
Sitting under a table on my upstairs landing.
Atop a cupboard in my hooking room.
Thank you for letting me share my crocks with you. I appreciate you stopping by.

I heard last evening that my Frannie is going to be adopted ~ again. I hope this time it truly is her forever home. I feel badly because I will be out of town Thursday through Sunday and won't be able to do her adoption. I just dropped her off this evening where she will spend one night with an Ohio Pug Rescue member, and tomorrow she is heading to her forever home. I had email corrrespondence today with the new mommy and she sounds very excited to be adopting her. She met Frannie at an event I worked for the rescue and found her to be very special, but I knew that. I had a "talk" with Frannie this evening about why she was going to a new home (I'm such a sap!) and I miss her already, but I know I am doing what is best for her. (But if this adoption doesn't work out, she WILL be mine!)

My DSO (dear significant other...that's a mouthful!) and I are heading to southern Ohio for a long weekend. We will be visiting the Air Force Museum in Dayton, a few antique shops and we have reservations at 3 different bed and breakfasts. Hopefully I'll have lots to post about when I return. Please be sure to stop back!

Pug hugs to all of you :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sauder Village ~ the end!

I've finally reached the end of my Sauder rug show pictures and have just a few more to share with you.
The size of this rug is absolutely unbelievable. I don't know how on earth you could manage to hook something that large. It would take me about three! Gorgeous.

Here are a few odds and ends looking around the exhibition hall. It will give you an idea of the sizes of some of the rugs.

This is a punch needle piece by Dianne Phillips.
Here is Wendy Miller in her booth. I had to include a picture of her because I found out that she has a one year old male pug named Dexter??? (I'm having a blonde moment and am wondering if that really is his name? Sorry Wendy.)
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A penny {rug} for your thoughts ~

Lisa is one of the ladies I hook with at the library. She (I think Karin helped her, too) reserved the room at the library yesterday and six of us got together to try our hand at making penny rugs. I believe Lisa and Polly (who left before I remembered to get the camera out) had some experience, but the rest of us were newbies. Sylvia (Lisa's mom) kept joking that Lisa's pumpkin looked like an apple, so she went home and changed it to a crock. Her sunflowers were wonderful.
Here's Sylvia off to a great start with her very primitive cat and pumpkin.
Kaye hiding behind her HUGE pumpkin.
Karin and her cat rug.
I was a! I used the same pattern as Karin, and since she always chooses such wonderful colors, I followed suit.
Here's a close-up of my kitty. It's been years since I've done the blanket stitch, but it is getting less awkward with each stitch.
A big thank you to Lisa and Karin. Not only did they organize the whole thing, they brought lots of wool and yummy treats to share.
Pug hugs :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sauder Village ~ part 4

Some more rugs from Sauder Village to share with you. I hope you're not too bored. I'm getting close to the end!

The colors are way off on this rug.

I LOVE this rug! Postcard perfect!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.
Pug hugs :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I was bad...very bad ~ ~ Sauder Village part 3

I thought I'd share my purchases from the Sauder Village rug show with you. I bought Rug Hooking Magazine's newest book and got the tote bag free ~ free is always good.
I bought two half yards pieces of washed and ready as-is wool. I am using the wool on the right in my cat rug and it hooks like a dream.
Almost 4 yards of wool from Rebecca Erb. She had samples of the solid rose-colored wool over-dyed and it was gorgeous. Heck, why am I thinking about over-dying? I still haven't even washed the wool I bought from her last year. (As the youngsters would bad!)
Here is my 9.5 Townsend cutter head... go with my new Townsend cutter!!!!! I just got it today. Very exciting. I also got an 8.5 cutter head. I'd better do some serious hooking to make this worthwhile ;-)
As always, thank you for stopping by.
I'll have more rugs from the show to share with you in my next post.
Pug hugs :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Frannie the back!

(I apologize in advance if I've offended any pit bull lovers!)
My Frannie is back. I got a call last Thursday that it just wasn't working out. If you read my post about her adoption, I just wasn't confident that it was going to work out. The barking wasn't a problem, it was her aggression. She TERRORIZED their pug Charlie to the point that he didn't want to be in the same room with her. She AGGRESSIVELY took toys away from him. Well, not to be unkind, but if any of this is true, I think the little guy lacks!
Anyway ~ when I picked her up she went absolutely crazy when she saw me. I am sorry it did not work out for her. I hate that her life has once again been disrupted. I just am having a real hard time believing what was said about her. Granted, I wasn't there, but she is the sweetest thing. She has quickly fallen back into her routine with me. I think she may have another forever home lined up. I am so tempted to make her my foster failure, but if I do adopt her, my fostering days are over.
She does look ferocious, doesn't she?
More on Sauder Village in my next posting.
Frannie hugs :)