Thursday, December 31, 2020

Another One Bites the Dust ~

Even though 2020 seemed to be at a standstill, the year flew by.  I am hoping and praying for a MUCH better 2021.  In spite of it all, I have much to be thankful for and I count my blessings daily.  And you, my blog readers, are one of my blessings.  Thank you for following along with me in 2020.

May God bless us in 2021 with much health, happiness and prosperity.  May God bless America.

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Monday, December 28, 2020

Antique Sterling Silver ~

When I got married  in 1976, my mom asked me if I'd like to have sterling silver flatware.  My sister had sterling flatware that my mom would add pieces to on a regular basis.  It really was kind of ironic since my mom didn't even have matching flatware.  My answer was an emphatic "NO!".  A number of years later, probably in the late 80's, I decided that I indeed would like it, but my choice was to purchase mismatched pieces at antique shows and shops.  Most of my pieces are antique.  I'm sure some are just vintage.  My favorite pieces are ones with initials, names and/or dates.  

The pieces are so ornate.

The backs are as pretty as the fronts.

Though one of the plainer forks, this one is special.  It says Anna and is dated March 17, 1901.  My favorite aunt's name was Anne and she was born March 19, 1901.  So close.

Teaspoons are just as pretty.

Dated '07 on the front.

And Xmas on the back.

Though only silverplate, I had to buy this spoon.  My father, brother and son are all William.

A few more random pictures from around the house.

No matter the light, any pictures I take of these two blow mold Santas turn out pinkish.

This hard plastic Santa light is only 7" tall.

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Saturday, December 26, 2020

I'm Dreaming ~


~ of a White Christmas.  It is not often we have a white Christmas here on Ohio's north coast, and it has been many years since we have had a snowstorm of this magnitude.  

Seven of us were gathered at my house to celebrate the day.  I know some of you may not agree with my decision to host others on Christmas Day.  In life there are no guarantees and we may not all be here to celebrate in 2021, so I was not going to miss the opportunity to spend time with the people most important to me.

The girls were all decked out for Christmas, too.  My brother brought their light up necklaces and they were content wearing them all day.

After everyone had gone home and the dishes finally done (about 10:30 ~ I have no dishwasher and choose not to have help) ~ I just walked around the living and dining area and took a few pictures.

And the saga with my Christmas packages continues.  The package traveling the farthest, 2000+ miles, arrived first.  The second farthest destination, Alabama, the package arrived today.  The package with a destination 125 miles from my house is still "In transit, arriving late".  The one to Virginia is now in Virginia.  I know there are staffing issues due to Covid, but I still find this totally unacceptable.

I hope everyone had a Merry little Christmas no matter how you chose to celebrate it.  We are so fortunate to live in this great land called the USA where we have the freedoms we enjoy.  We must never take them for granted.

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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas ~


and to all a good night

May all your Christmas dreams come true.  From my house to your house, I wish you nothing but health and happiness this Christmas season.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Frosty ~

 ~ the Snowman

A few snowman ornaments.  I think next year I may try for an "all snowman" tree.

Fun pillow won many years ago on a blog give away by Joanne McIllmurray.

I don't put much outside, but do have a couple things to share.

You know you are having a mild December when you find this in your yard on December 22.

And this in your neighbor's yard.

Years ago I took a couple different painting classes.  The teachers knew how to paint but they did not know how to teach.  Tomorrow I am teaching a friend and her friend to hook.  I can hook, but can I teach?  I sure hope so!

Woo hoo.  Today is the winter solstice.  Tomorrow the daylight hours start getting longer.  I'm doing a happy dance.

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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Here Comes Santa Claus ~


The big day is approaching much too quickly.  I am pretty much ready, but wish I had more time to sit back and enjoy.  Somehow I have frittered more than half the day away and am just not sure what happened to it.

For those of you with good memories, you can just skip this post.  I pretty much decorate the same every year.

Blow mold Santa ~

Painted gourd (not by me!) ~

Santa tree ~

Celluloid Santa and reindeer ~

Egg crate and papier mache Santas ~

More celluloid ~

Cotton batting Santas - all but one vintage ~

Chenille Santa ~

Papier mache Santa and hard plastic Santas and reindeer ~

Let's just say there are MANY more Santas.  I guess you could say I am Santa obsessed.

Well, the saga of my Christmas packages with USPS continues, and I know I am not alone.  The box to Florida arrived after 11 days.  The 4 packages mailed last Monday have not gotten far.  The only information on the tracking site is that they are "in transit, arriving late".  Fingers crossed that they will somehow arrive before Christmas.

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