Monday, August 29, 2022

Sauder ~ Part Three

Today I will share some of the exhibits, starting with ~

The Special Exhibit ~ Island Life ~ Old & New

Main Exhibit ~ Fusion

Three Dimensional ~


Frost Orientals ~

Farm Animals ~

Hooked Purse Challenge ~

The View from My Window ~

That's it for today, friends.  So much more to share if I can get me act together . . . sigh.

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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Sauder ~ Part Two

I had intended to already have a couple blog posts published about the Sauder rug show, but life gets in the way.  I am still trying to unpack my show merchandise and organize it for the next hook in.  Yesterday was hooking guild and today we went to the county fair.  Days just seem to disappear in to thin air . . . sigh.

If you subscribe to Rug Hooking Magazine, in the June-July-August 2022 issue of the magazine, there is an article about the Heart-Hooked Sisters.  They were a Featured Exhibit, titled Stories in Wool.  I hope you are able to enlarge the text to read about them.  Absolutely fascinating!!! 

Their collaborations are so unique.  Hooking and felting and how they captured their likeness.  Not my style . . . but some of the coolest, most fun rugs I have ever seen.  And can you believe they have not been hooking for too many years?  I believe they said just around 5 years.  They are true artists.

Snow ~ A 4 Letter Word ~ was one of the Group Exhibits.  The pattern is by Lisanne Miller who was also the curator.

Since vending, it was difficult to find time to peruse the rug show.  I took lots of pictures, but not sure there is much of a rhyme or reason to them.  Hopefully I can make some sense of them and share much more.

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