Friday, December 8, 2023

Better Than No Finish ~


There has been no time for any hooking or hand work.  Hook hasn't been in hand since the week before Thanksgiving.  Hopefully that will change soon!!!  I don't do much outdoor decorating, but did get fresh greens out today and my sleds are decorated.  (UGH!  And I even raked leaves.  That is so wrong for December 8!)  Inside all is finally done except for adding some greens here and there, but I will wait another week or so because they dry out so quickly.  My last major task is inventorying gifts to see what I still need to pick up.  Hopefully it is minimal.  Oh, and then wrap. I try to buy gifts throughout the year as I find things.  I like to give gifts that are not found on Amazon or big box and department stores.   

I finally finished my two snowmen on antique coverlet pieces.  They took forever 😖 and they should not have.  I am happy to call them done.  (I don't know the face on the right looks stained.  It is the same wool as the one on the left.)

My boys call me the grammar Nazi.  This about sums it up.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Saundra said...

Both snowmen look cool, one could say almost frozen, a poor attempt at a joke.
OMG, I'm with you on the "I seen" and I see obvious language faux pas on FB all the time. Looking forward to the day you put a hook back in your hand and hope someone attaches it there.

Prims By The Water said...

I so love both snowman and such a great idea to applique them to coverlet pieces. Janice

marly said...


Raking is still better than shoveling!

susan hemann said...

oh my gosh!!! bad grammar is a killer for me too. Love the snowmen on the antique coverlets. I've haven't done anything creative either.

Julia said...

I love those two new snowman faces. Just so sweet... It's OK by me if you do other wool creations that don't use a hook. You did a great job on these appliques.

I had to laugh at you being called Grammar Nazi. I'm probably guilty myself of some grammar faux pas. English is my second language.

It looks like your are amost ready for Christmas and I'm just starting to address my Christmas cards. I have a very large family and it takes me for ever to address all those cards.

Take care, hugs.

WoolenSails said...

I like how you put them on the coverlet pieces, really unique and vintage looking. I got the last shopping done today, and now I can start finishing up a few stitcheries and plan dinner.


JustGail said...

I'm with you on "I seen". Plus some others which while not *incorrect*, hit my ear wrong. like "it's got".
OTOH, that's the beauty of language - it's flexible and changes and over time. Look at English - there's English English, US English, Australian English, etc. and how much they've all changed over a few hundred years. The sad part is all the languages lost, or in danger of being lost due to so few speakers.

I like the "stained" snowman every bit as much as the other. He's a prim snowman, the fabric color gives him character.

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

cutest snowguys!
{dislike bad grammar too}