Sunday, January 22, 2023

OH NO Second ~

Have you ever had an oh no second, when as soon as you finished doing something you cried "oh no!"?  Today I had one 😝  So I am giving Miss Molly her afternoon anti-seizure med.  I set the pill on the counter with the intention of going to the fridge to get a little cream cheese ~ the magic potion that has her gobble down her pill.  The next thing is my oh no second.  I picked up the pill, took a swig of diet Coke and swallowed it.  I don't think it had even made its way to my stomach when I realized what I had done.  So I figure I should be just fine.  The med - which is also a human med - is for a 15# dog so I don't need to worry, right?  Well, for about a half hour I thought and thought about it and decided the smart thing would be to call the poison help line just to be reassured all is well.  I had the sweetest poison control rep.  She took my information, asked my age (Gulp!  I assured her I did not have dementia), how much I weighed and what prescription meds I was on.  Then she tells me that is not uncommon.  I say "you mean I am not the only one who has done that?".  Thankfully it is a human med and not just for animals.  Then she asks how I feel, and I reply, "STUPID"!!!

My new decorating style is "yoga mats".  For a long time I have contemplated getting some to put on the hardwood floor and kitchen linoleum to allow Molly traction on smooth surfaces.  I finally broke down and got several.  And then today, Molly actually started walking a little before falling over.  I am hoping this helps her regain some strength in her hind legs.  Please think good thoughts and keep her in your prayers.

Other than the bitter cold snap we had at Christmas, it has been a very mild winter.  I think today is only the second day we have had any measurable snow.  It was such a pretty snow ~ the kind where each flake sticks to every blade of grass and twig.  Plus about 32* with absolutely no wind.  The downside was that it curtailed my plans for the antique flea market about an hour from home.  I got about halfway there before the snow started and since it quickly was sticking to the road, I turned around and came back home.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Julia said...

I just cracked up when I read what you did. lol... And poor Molly has the look of "Momma ate my meds and woe is me" poor little girl. I think the yoga mats on the floor is a great idea as it gives her more grip. I'm still laughing at what you said about how you were feeling. I feel like that sometimes too. I'm not laughing at you but with you. I hope that little Molly still loves you. lol...

Turning back was probably a good decision. The roads can turn nasty pretty quickly.

Stay safe and warm. Hugs.

Prims By The Water said...

Oh No on taking Molly's pill. So glad you are ok. Glad Molly is doing better too. It snowed all day here too. I only had 2 customers all day. If I had been them, I would have stayed home and watched the snow. It was pretty sticking to everything. Janice

Saundra said...

Sorry sweets, but I had to laugh again at your mistake and what would be a great comedic show. But you gained my trust again by turning your car around and going back.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, let's hope that Molly never actually gets some really "good" meds - she will have to fight you for them. 🤣 mats are definitely classier than drop cloths LOL. Sorry you missed the flea market...did that snow even stick on the road??? Sorry...couldn't resist. You wouldn't survive in Nod. ~et~

marly said...

Glad you're OK!! I don't need a pill to feel stupid. said...

Did you have any side effects like begging for food or chewing on shoes? I’m laughing so hard! I’m sorry you missed your flea market. We’re getting socked in with snow too

acorn hollow said...

OMG sorry but I almost spit out my coffee lol. It sounds like something I would do I am so absent minded. I hope the yoga mats help Molly get some strength back. It is snowing very hard right now I think we could get 8 inches. much needed at the ski areas

NMK said...

Oh everyone's response to your "OhNo " was a riot !!! Thank goodness it wasn't dangerous for you !
We have had , rain , turning to wet snow , it is more like slush ...still not good for my grand kids to play outside .
Maybe tomorrow you can go antiquing?

JustGail said...

I'm glad nothing bad happened, I confess I did laugh at your response when she asked how you were feeling. I bet the lady at the poison control hotline has some stories to tell.
I think lots of dogs (and cats) don't like hard surface floors whether they have leg/hip/shoulder issues or not. It's hard to race around when the zoomies hit when you can't get traction.

WoolenSails said...

I am happy to hear that you are ok, that could be scary. I have taken meds or not, sometimes I forget if I did, lol.
Usually if I can't remember, I just don't take any. I think we tend to run around in circles, so easy to forget things when we have way too much on our minds.