Friday, January 27, 2023

Getting out of Dodge ~


Just a quickie here.  Since my son's flight home was cancelled at Christmas, I am making a quick trip to the "city that never sleeps".  I am flying Spirit.  ARGH!  I could not get in to my account this morning to check in.  I have reset the password twice and still no luck.  I do not look forward to contacting them.  

I am not checking a bag.  Not even a carry on.  I will just pack the little under the seat bag.  I need to pack very judiciously so there will be room for a pumpkin roll 😁  Thankfully I am pretty low maintenance so don't need much for just a few days.  Have I started to pack?  Of course not!

Molly continues to improve.  She is standing and walking a bit more.  Not as good as before she went to the puppy hospital, but better.  It is just heartbreaking to see her fall down or drag herself across the floor, but she doesn't want to be out of my sight.

She looks so sad in this picture!

Her grey face just melts my 💓

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Sue Swank said...

I hope you have a fun time, experience no flight delays or weather problems. said...

Safe travels and fun time ! Her face is precious

Saundra said...

Hoping you can log in to confirm your flight is on schedule, or at least not cancelled. Enjoy your time with your son. Safe travels.

acorn hollow said...

Happy flight!!! Enjoy being with your son

TheCrankyCrow said...

Good thing you don't live in Nod...we're having a nasty winter storm...snow and lots of wind/blowing/drifting. Wishing you safe travels. And Sweet Molly breaks my heart too as I know well that pain of watching them drag themselves just to be by you. Glad though that she's taking pug steps toward improvement. I know you two will be missing each other. <3 ~Robin~

Prims By The Water said...

Oh I hope Molly is ok while you are gone My sister's dog took a turn for the worse when she went to Hawaii a few years ago. Her doggie sitter took her to the vet and the video call my sister had to agree to have her put down. She was not in good health when she left and she felt horrible. Hope your trip to your sons is a f one! Janice

Julia said...

I hope you get a confirmation for your flight. I hate the new way of doing things. It used to be so easy years ago. You bought a ticket and got on the flight.

I'm glad Molly has improved but it's heartbreaking to see her looking sad.

Have a safe flight.
Hugs, Julia

NMK said...

Have a safe flight & great visit with your son ! Sweet Miss Molly , happy she is improving !

marly said...

Hope all is well with your flight. Have a great visit and be safe. Glad to see Molly is improving. I know she will miss you but you can video visit!