Sunday, February 11, 2024

Rugs at Guild ~

Western Reserve Rug Hooking Guild met this past week.  One of the members had arranged for PBS to view rugs and to interview several of our members for a segment on rug hooking.  I have no idea when it may air, but hopefully I will find out ahead of time and let everyone know in case they would like to tune in. 

Many rugs of all styles were brought to the meeting.

Friend Kaye hooks the most wonderful primitive rugs.  The colors are washed out because of the light in the room.  (That's my story and I'm sticking to it . . . lol.)

Isn't this absolutely wonderful?  Hooked from a photograph.  That is talent 💖

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Saundra said...

Kaye's rugs are WONDERFUL!!! Please let us know about the PBS episode as I'd love to watch it.

Julia said...

So many beautiful rugs and some are large rugs. I know it's impossible to have a close-up of those rugs because of the size of the floor display. Thanks for sharing. I like that big round one. It must have been a challenge to get it to look so perfectly round.

NMK said...

Wow what Beautiful rugs !!!! Love Kaye's wonderful soft colors ! That would be Great to see PBS do a story on rug hooking !!! What a talented group !!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Amazing rugs!!! And they make for one incredible display grouped together like that on the floor. I guess that's where rugs are supposed to be...or so I am told. ;-) I can see Kaye's rugs on the floor too and, yes, the colors are gorgeous. I also spy an incredible rendition of Ol' Jack. Gee, I wonder who did that amazing piece? Would love to see the PBS story. Enjoy the new week GT. ~Robin~

Betty said...

A mighty talented group! Love those prim hearts. I'd watch it - so yes please if you do find out pls share.

Minick and Simpson said...

I have a photo of a rug that was on your site, great looking rug
Wondering if old, a pattern available
Can I email you with photo

DavidRSanchez451 said...

There are so many exquisite carpets, some of them are huge. Given the magnitude of the floor exhibit, I am aware that a close-up of those carpets is not conceivable. I appreciate you sharing. That large rounded one is nice. It must have been difficult to make it appear so perfectly round.
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