Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Color Me Crazy ~

Less is more.  HA!  Not in my life.  I don't know if I will ever learn that lesson.  I have been decorating for a week.  I still have lots of odds and ends and piddly stuff left to decorate.  Plus the big tree.  The reason it takes me so long is because I am basically packing up all my "stuff" to make room for the Christmas decorations and those who have been reading my blog for a while know I have lots of "stuff".  And would Christmas be complete without me breaking a few ornaments.  Of course I always drop the vintage ornaments that are the oldest made of paper thin glass.  They don't stand a chance against a hardwood floor.  I broke one of my favorite red, white and blue ornaments.  I did save some of the pieces 😢

The tinsel tree had new lights strung on the top half and the ornaments put back on.  The angel tree topper was a gift from Saundra a number of years ago.  Isn't she sweet?  The angel and Saundra, too.

Mr. Jingles is done and ready to be gifted!  Hopefully next week I will find time to do some hooking.

Now I must brag for a minute about the super shopper that I am.  I had a return at Kohl's so lost $15 in Kohl's cash.  I ended up spending $58.76, but I SAVED $166.81 . . . plus I got another $10 in Kohl's cash.  What a game 😁😁😁

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Saundra said...

Such a shame for the breakage of the beautiful antique ornament.
Thanks for the compliment on the angel and me thinks she appears to be in her long gown ready for a holiday ball. She is the beauty, not me but thanks for that connection friend.

Julia said...

Sorry about the broken antique ornament. Now don't brake any more...
Your tree looks so nice and the angel is just so beautiful. Saundra is very talented.
What did you buy to save so much money?


WoolenSails said...

Losing ornaments is not fun, one reason I don't put up breakables for now. I am way behind myself, have to take stuff down and clean as I go, then I get things up for Christmas, so wall hangings and trees next.


acorn hollow said...

Oh it hurts my heart when I break one of my ornaments. I need to get at it but not for a few days I need to bake for a cookie walk and I am going away for the weekend to the beach.
I love your snowman so sweet.

Julia said...

Me again, So sorry about forgetting to comment on your snowman rug. It looks amazing and I love how you hooked the background. You are talented too.
My memory is so short that I forget what I read on the blog even when it's a short post.

Farm Girl said...

I don't like breaking ornaments either,or open a box and there is broken ornaments. I love that background in that very cute rug. That is so cute. Your angel topper is so cute too.

Prims By The Water said...

Heading to Kohls myself tomorrow. I will play the game too! So sorry to hear about your precious ornament. I sometimes do that myself. It is heartbreaking when it happens. Saundra's angel is sure sweet and I agree, she is as well!!! Janice

marly said...

"Stuff" = treasures. I rarely use my Kohl's cash since I order online and may have to return an item. Well, I used $30 on the kid's shoes to get a better pair. So I have the choice to keep a top I don't like the fit of, or return it and pay $15 more for the shoes. It's a wash, the top was $16. This confuses me. What to do what to do.

NMK said...

I just broke a very special little wooden angel today ...I want to cry , one of her tiny arms is no where to be seen ....
Your Mr Jingles looks so cute ! What a special gift !
Saundra made some beautiful dolls !!!
Don't get me started on Kohl's !!!! I don't want to shop with them ever again !!!!
Have fun decorating !!!

denise said...

Merry Christmas