Sunday, November 27, 2022

Gotcha Day

"Gotcha Day" is the day you adopted.  Today is that day.  Three years ago Molly became a permanent part of my life.  She is definitely more than I bargained for, but she is my baby.

Here she is when I first got her.

And here she is today ~ much more grey and with a host of medical issues.

First of all she is the world's meanest pug.  So un-puglike.  I lovingly call her Bad Molly.  She HATES all other dogs.  Cannot be near them or she goes in to "kill" mode.  It makes is difficult to be around DSO and his pug Ernestine, but we deal with it.  Initially they got along ~ not sure what went wrong!  Not easy but it is what it is . . . and the hatred between the two is mutual.  Thankfully she loves people, except for the mail carrier 😁  

In addition to being so mean, she is deaf, prone to UTIs (cha ching $$$), and has pug myelopathy.  Myelopathy is an incurable, progressive disease of the canine spinal cord that is similar in many ways to ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).  Bottom line is that she is losing the use of her back legs and bodily functions.  Oh, what I do for this baby!!!  The good news is that is does not cause her any pain.

Happy Gotcha Day, little Miss Molly.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Saundra said...

Good golly Miss Molly! Obviously only a dog a mother could/would love.

Julia said...

Awe, poor little Miss Molly. I'm sorry that she has all those strikes against her. No wonder she is grouchy. She's probably a bit scared and maybe that's why she's aggressive. She is lucky to have found you.

Prims By The Water said...

Happy Gotcha Day Molly! Sounds like Tundra all over. He hates our mail carrier and the only dog he likes is a fellow Samoyed. But we still love him too. Janice

marly said...

Thank goodness she was adopted by such a great pug mom. We had a canine chiropractor come into town once a month and yes, our Lab was a patient! My brother's cat had UTI after UTI until the new vet did a specific blood test that indicated a different type of antibiotic. She hasn't had one in three years. But that was a bacterial cause. Does Adaptil or Quiet Moments help Molly?

JustGail said...

Happy Gotcha Day to both of you.

Farm Girl said...

You know until I went through that with Sasha, I wouldn't have known what it was like. I would have kept doing it too. There is just something that makes it all worth it. It cracks me up she is so aggressive to other dogs. My daughter-in-law volunteers at a shelter. She keeps trying to find a dog for me. I just don't know if I have the heart anymore. Never in my whole life have I been without a dog, so it is a different kind of pain. I am so glad you have Molly. Yay for three years.

NMK said...

Miss Molly is a character and Mommy's girl ! I hope she stays with you for many years ....she is lucky to have you !!!

WoolenSails said...

I wonder if her deafness is what makes her mean, dogs coming up on her, might spook her. Bean is a herder but if a dog comes up behind him, he will snap around at them, otherwise he is happy with everyone and everything he meets up with. You are a special person to take in pugs and give them such loving care, with all their problems.