Tuesday, May 24, 2022

How Did I Ever Find Time to Work?

I know many retired people ask themselves that same question 😁 As usual I seem to be meeting myself coming and going and feel as if I am not accomplishing half what I need to be.  Rug Week at Sauder Village is about two and a half months away and I have not made a dent in what I'd like to take to vend.  I have never vended for so many days nor where such crowds are expected.  I have no idea what/how much I need to make.  Even this far out, I am stressing myself out and occasionally losing sleep.

I have finished a few more sunflowers that will be taken to an antique shop.  They still need to be attached to a bedspring . . . of which I have none.  On Friday's agenda is heading to a friend's who has an old mattress we will take apart and hopefully have the type of bedsprings I need.

I have also made a little progress on my camp rug . . . very little.

Of course yard work is in full swing.  The flower beds are in need of attention, but look pretty darn good at the moment.  Irises are blooming, but some that I moved last fall have no buds.  I think I may have planted the rhizomes too deep.  Darn.  Here are a few that are blooming.

Midge season has arrived which makes yardwork difficult.  They are a sign of a healthy Lake Erie . . . and a precursor to chihuahu-sized spidersπŸ˜’ Midges look like mosquitos, though they do not bite.  They live in the greenery by the thousands (millions?) and swarm when disturbed.  If you don't keep your mouth closed and continually exhale, you are ingesting them or breathing them in.  Not a pleasant way to do yardwork.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Farm Girl said...

Haha I loved that fighting joke. So true. I always think of you when our teeny tiny ones hatch. Yours are huge. I didn't know about the spiders. Oh my gosh. I bet you are waking up in the the night. Have a nice day.

NMK said...

It is always hard to prepare for a show , what to make & how many of each item ....but from what I have heard people are shopping for good stuff , so take a deep breath & have fun creating !!! We have little knats flying around & you don't want those in your eyes or mouth either ! Black Flies are just starting to appear & they hurt ! I found my first Damn Tick today , just nasty bugs !!!!
Have fun hooking & enjoying your pretty flowers !!!

Julia said...

Life is too short to stress so much about things that are beyond your control unless your life depends on it. It's not about how much money you make but how much fun you have at creating quality wares. Your wares are always top quality...It's fun seeing the other merchants and friends and meeting new ones. Having good sales and making money is just the icing on the cake.

Mosquitoes are plentiful and are getting hungry for blood here. So far I haven't seen ticks and I hope I never see one.

Love the cartoon. I guess one of the boys said that "Your father has halitosis" hahaha, and the other boy is not taking it sitting down.

May is almost gone already.
Take care and don't push yourself so hard.
Hugs, Julia

acorn hollow said...

your Iris are lovely mine are just budding. One of these years I will get to Sauder maybe after I retire. Husband says that all the time how did he do everything before he retired well he didn't. I am sure you will do just great

TheCrankyCrow said...

There are times I actually seriously thought about going back to work just so I would get a modicum of what I "used" to get done done. That thought didn't last long of course. Your irises are lovely... I used to have a lot of them, but pulled them all out one year when I was fed up with the difficulty weeding them with their root systems loving to be so close to the surface. Besides that, after several years they all seemed to turn yellow no matter how deep a purple they began life as. Love, love, love the funny. ~Robin~

Saundra said...

Julia's comment resonated with me when I made dolls and other crafts for shows. Guess getting burned out from feeling like a machine making dolls, etc, is the reason I'll never make another. It became WORK and not fun. Besides you cannot get into the mind of the consumer to know what they want...OR how much money they are willing to spend buying 'extras' beyond the cost of camp.

marly said...

Oh that yellow iris is beautiful. So what do the large spiders have to do with midges? I can handle cute little mice, slimy snakes, moles (I feel sorry for them), but NOT SPIDERS!

I remember you worried about what will keep you busy when retired! LOL!! Surprise!

JustGail said...

If you can't get the bedsprings, what about a few photos showing mounting options people can do themselves? Bedsprings, candle sticks, bits of tree branch, etc. As others said - stressing out will turn your hobby into work, then no fun, then no desire to make, then looking for a new hobby.
When I move or divide irises, they rarely bloom the next year it seems. This year, even some of the larger ones don't seem to be putting out flowers - time to divide I guess? Yours are gorgeous. We don't have midges, but sometimes the gnats, mosquitos, and flies are enough to make me consider getting mosquito netting to add to my garden hat.