Wednesday, May 18, 2022

A Little More about Cedar Lakes ~

Here are a few pictures from the Cedar Lakes rug show.  It was hard to take pictures since they were lying flat on tables.  To view the entire show, head on over to Facebook and go to Dragonfly on the Lakes.  

Designed by one of the camp attendees.  Four wonderful versions.

I am always in awe of rugs hooked from a black and white photo.

The next two rugs in the show were hooked by my teacher, Jeanne Benjamin.  I believe this is a Lib Calloway pattern she sells.

Love this fun detail.

And if memory serves me correctly, this was designed by Bev Conway.  Funny.  Bev doesn't think her patterns are whimsical.

Jeanne hooked a self portrait.  What a hoot 😁

Here are two more rugs hooked by Jeanne that were on display in our classroom.  In person, this rug was absolutely gorgeous and so primitive.

The camp director had bought out someone's rug business sometime in the past.  She brought hundreds of rugs and was selling them HALF PRICE.  Well, how can I resist such a bargain . . . and I could have bought even more!

All the patterns I purchased are on linen.  I choose not to hook on monk's.  Only used monk's once many years ago, a very small pattern I drew up, and I did NOT like working on it.  Just a personal preference.

Sheep pattern is by Star Rug Company.  Briner's Bouquet is a Magdalena Briner Eby adaptation, this one drawn by Red Barn Rugs.  On the bottom is the small Guilford Runner, sold by the Woolley Fox.

Another antique adaptation, this one drawn by Never Enough Wool.  It is 22 1/2 x 37, so a big rug for me.  If you are interested in this pattern, Saundra sells it here.

Last but not least are two small patterns.  The Goosed Moose is a pattern by Wooly Woolen.  Pumpkin Man is by DG (??).  The side margins are very skimpy and I will need to add fabric to make it hookable, but for only $5, I could not pass it up.

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Pug hugs 😊


TheCrankyCrow said...

Fantastic rugs... So much talent and so much variety. You said the "Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble" was from a camp attendee. Did (s)he hook all 4 versions??? It almost seems that way from what I can see of the hooking but, yikes, I can't imagine doing the same rug 4 times. I love the whale pieces (both the hooked one and your pattern), but I cringe each time I see anything with a know...that Beast thing that lingers in the to-be-finished wasteland??? Yeah.... ~et~

Saundra said...

I'm envious of your great pattern purchases. Must say I LOVED hooking the whaling scene and thanks for the promotion of my adaptation and must say that my version gives direction of the sky from the original hooked rug. So before you start hooking yours let me know and I'll send you a photo of the original antique.

Julia said...

Lovely rugs and thanks for sharing the rug show. I always enjoy seeing how talented rug hookers are. I like the colorful sun and sunflower one, and the old man with the accordion. I've always been too chicken to try hooking a monotone color rug from a black and white photo. It looks like you got some good deals on patterns.

I was supposed to dye some wool but got too busy this week. I've been working till dark. We're supposed to get frost tonight.🙁


acorn hollow said...

5-dollar patters yikes!!! such wonderful rugs. I hope you had a wonderful time.
I believe Gail Dufresne was at the same rug camp. she posted pictures from there also.
have a great day

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful place to have a retreat. Loved seeing all the rugs and nice deal with the half price.


NMK said...

How Fun to get rug patterns for $5.00 !!! Wow !!! These will keep you busy !
The rugs at the rug camp are just gorgeous ! Love the Dancing Bunnies with carrots so cute ! And the Witches were fun to see in different colors ! The Grandma rug is just a Riot !!!
I Love the Whale Welcome rug ! Has to be great seeing these in person !!!

Prims By The Water said...

Well as I have said before I cannot believe how many amazing and creative rug hookers there are out there. I would never have thought of doing Dancing Rabbits like this one. Love it! You did score on those patterns BTW. Cannot wait to see how you hook these. Janice

marly said...

That self portrait is so great! And the b/w photo adaptation is another detailed face, which I still don't understand how possible with fat worm loops. Even skinny ones.

jody said...

thank you for stopping by Lauren! thought i would hop over and visit you!
oh my goodness so many talented hookers! beautiful rugs! and i really like
the patterns you bought! now you have a good supply of to dos!
i am working on a rug for my daughter, i just added it to my blog.
love having something to sit a moment and hook on. its warmed up to 61 now
so am heading out to cut the grass. mom bought a battery easy start lawn mower
last year and was going to cut her front, then rest and cut back. of course
i told her i would be happy to cut it for her. she is doing ok..
enjoy your day Lauren!!

Farm Girl said...

What lovely rugs!! I enjoy seeing all of them.

Leonora said...

Wow! There's some beautiful talent on display there!It's also inspirational to see what other hookers have made. It always gets me excited to work on something new.