Sunday, May 15, 2022

Cedar Lakes Rug Camp ~

Cedar Lakes Conference Center is set in beautiful Ripley, West Virginia.  Our weather was absolutely perfect each day.  Foggy mornings then bright blue skies and warm temperatures.

My class was with Jeanne Benjamin.  Of the twelve students, eight had taken from her previously . . . some many times.  

My progress after four days.  I always think I should accomplish so much more.  To my chagrin, much of this is hooked in an 8 cut to get the detail I needed.  8 1/2 is my preferred cut.  (It is hard to believe there is such a big difference between an 8 and an 8 1/2!)

Some of the rugs being worked on in the class.

This was the third class with Jeanne in which the hooker was working on one of Jeanne's patterns.  Simply gorgeous!!!

Tablemate and Ohio hooker finished this little primitive kitty and started another with a barn.

Teacher Bev Conway rode to camp with Jeanne and sat in on our class.  Here is the rug she was working on.

It is a beautiful day on Ohio's north coast.  Now that the weather is finally improving, I am back to walking outdoors in the morning.  Since I live only two blocks from Lake Erie, a trip through the park is a must.  Today the lake was glass smooth.

I will leave you with a bit of humor 😁

More camp stuff to share in my next post.

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NMK said...

OMG , that Chicken is a Riot !!!
Love your project and the colors you use are just beautiful .
Lots of great hooking projects , but that Big one will be a master piece !!! I can't even imagine hooking that !
Enjoy the nice weather , finally !!!

Saundra said...

Enjoyed the show and of course love what you are working on. Gee friend, thanks for the visual and sadly doubt it will ever leave my memory, lol.

Farm Girl said...

What lovely rugs!! Someday I will take a class. I love that picture of the lake. How wonderful to be able to walk by it everyday. I am so happy you are having nice weather. Lovely place you were hooking at.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ya know? You're right...there IS a big difference b/w 8-1/2 and an 8. Weird. I think you made fantastic progress on Gypsy. Like I said, perfect loops take time. 🤣 I have no words for that huge pattern of Jeanne's and the wonderful work the hooker has done. Even all 9 of my lives wouldn't be enough time for me to hook something like that. I like the rich, jewel-like colors of those 2 (3rd & 4th??) near the beginning of the "show"....Not anything I would do, but I do find the colors beautiful. And, of course I love Broom Ride Over Nantucket. Someday I might take that on. (Hope you weren't drinking anything when you read that last line.) ~Robin~

marly said...

You are a busy hooker and I'm glad you get to enjoy these wooly worm weekends. Those colors and patterns of the first group of photos are fantastic.

What a beautiful place to walk. Or sit.

Raavi Patil said...

Its unbelivelble, but yes, you can easily identify the difference In high quality area rugs