Thursday, January 13, 2022

Still Not Done ~

I am still not done putting the Christmas decorations away.  Usually they come down quickly but for whatever reason it's not happening this year.  I have been working on it for a week.  I am close, but not close enough for my liking.  Then it's time to redecorate.  I hope I can figure out where I put all the "normal" stuff.  I know some is in the attic, more in the basement, in cupboards and even a few things under the bed.  I don't put them in the Christmas totes because I like to take everything down before starting to decorate.  I know that would make more sense, but sometimes I am lacking in that department 😁

I've gotten two of the heart pillows made.  At least three to go but since they hook up so quickly, I may make a couple more.  Two are going to Ohio friends, two for the pug fundraiser and one for the give-away here on my blog.  (There is still time to enter.  See the previous post.)  Santa is ready to bind and I've gotten out Ole Jack and hope to pull a few loops soon.  

So for the last couple of days in my spare time 😂 I decided to dye wool.  Didn't quite go as planned but the last pot is cooling down now.

Saturday the Granny rug challenge starts that Saundra is hosting.  You can find information on her blog if you are interested in joining in.  My pattern is on linen but I need to start pulling some wool.  I really need to pick my background wool first and can't decide if I want to go with my normal dark background or something lighter like Granny Donaldson used.  Here is the Granny I plan to hook.  (Ignore the white dots.  They are from a screen shot.)

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Saundra said...

I actually laughed out loud at how when your work time is stretched with work you still add other things to starting that new stitchery, hooking heart pillows (and now more heart pillows), plus dyeing wool? OMG woman you a glutton for punishment.

s said...

You are one busy woman. I have a few more Christmas things to put away and need to pull my wool . I thought about dyeing wool today like I don't have enough to pick Sheila

NMK said...

I can't wait to see the Granny rugs the group is going to hook ....I really like the design you chose .
You are very busy ....gotta have some fun hooking more !!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Your hand-torn strip hearts just melt mine. I did try doing that once and it just didn't look like yours. Sigh. Good thing I didn't see your design or I really would have been tempted to join the hook-along.... Then again, that would have been a bad idea for us to hook the same design as I would scrap mine completely when I saw the first photo of yours. ~Robin~

Julia said...

You always say that you are a sucker for punishment and I think Saundra is agreeing with you. You are busier than a bee in a field of clover. Your hearts are just so lovely. It's a good thing they hook up fast but planning a rug takes a lot of time. I love dyeing wool but that too is time-consuming.

I was supposed to work on my rug today, instead, I got a boost of energy and vacuumed the upstairs and most of the downstairs and decluttered in my bedroom.

Looking forward to seeing the rugs the group will be working on.


marly said...

It has to be difficult to put those collections away. You have others and antiques to enjoy but your Halloween and Christmas are so special. Years ago my friend moved her treasures to the basement with those humidity control bags because a neighbor lost hers in the attic to a house fire. I said that they would be soaked from the hoses and ruined anyway, but this smart cookie had plastic totes, up on blocks, under a waterproof tarp!

Prims By The Water said...

I heard 5 of you will be joining in on the fun with Saundra. Look forward to seeing everyone's progress. Janice Ps my Christmas is still up. Everyday I put a little away and add either snowmen or Valentines.

WoolenSails said...

That looks like a fun challenge and a great design to do.
I actually got all mine done today, I tend to clean as I go, winter cleaning makes more sense than spring cleaning, lol.
Won't be redecorating the main room area since we really need to fix and paint the walls, so it looks bare.


acorn hollow said...

My feather tree is still up, and I am still enjoying it. So is my little village. I will probably take the village down this weekend. everything else is put away except the snowmen lining my stairs. and it is supposed to be cold and snow on Monday I will enjoy my tree a bit longer. I should have joined this hook along, but I just have so many rugs I want to get to I
get to.

Leonora said...

I love the hooked hearts! My Christmas decor isn't as extensive as yours but I take things down in shifts. The tree comes down first along with a few other things. The village and greenery come down a couple of weeks later. It's too much to do all at once. It does help to have the totes and storage area organized ahead of time so everything just slips back into its place. I'm cheering for you to get it all done!!

Farm Girl said...

I love your rug you chose!! Its going to be so much fun. Aw, I know, I have stuff stuck everywhere. I do love it when I run across something and I am pleasantly surprised. I love those hearts!!!
Have a great Friday,

Unknown said...

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