Saturday, January 15, 2022

Granny Donaldson ~


Welcome friends and happy Saturday!  Did you know it is only 64 days until spring?  Today is one of our coldest days so far this winter, but at 23* it could be so much worse . . . and normally is for mid-January.  No complaints from me.

The Granny Donaldson hook-along (challenge?) begins today.  It is being hosted by Saundra over at Woodland Junction.  Here is my design on linen.  It measures about 24 1/2" x 19".  I quickly chose some wool so I can pretend I am ready to start hooking 😁  I am most likely going with a dark background.  Hopefully the majority of the rug can be hooked in an 8 1/2 cut though I know I will need some 8s for the feet and maybe tails.  My goal is to actually pull a few loops tomorrow.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


NMK said...

Its freezing here as well, 12 degrees right now ... I have been staying inside most of the day , just quick trips out with the pup !
Your design for Granny Donaldson's rug looks so pretty too ! And love your colors you are pretending with too !!! After visiting Saundra's blog & seeing the other gals designs , I am so tempted to join .....Can't wait to see everyone's progress !
Stay warm !!!

Julia said...

I love your design and the yummy wool you chose. I'm looking forward to seeing the challenge come to life.

It's been so cold here and windy but thank goodness, the wind is finally starting to die down.
Hopefully, the other half of January will go as fast. I love counting days to spring.
It will be Springtime before we know it.

Saundra said...

What? You're not pulling any loops until mañana? And you didn't pull any loops early last night either? What a saint you must be, lol. Like the wool you chose and I'm doing a dark background myself.

Simply Quaint said...

Aw I love the colors for your rug…..I’m not ready for this nasty weather urgh I’m ready for spring…stay warm happy hooking…..I seen Andreas heart how sweet ❤️

marly said...

Comment from a non hooker. Love the wools. I would have a very difficult time slicing them!

TheCrankyCrow said...

What????!! TOMORROW????!!!!! You were good to go at 12:01 today Missy.... And there's my nemesis: color planning. I know what I like after I see it, but NO visualization skills whatsoever. None, nada, zilch. I really like your design. Did I say that before?? Yeah, I REALLY like your design. ~et~

Farm Girl said...

I really like the wools you chose. I like your rug pattern too. After working all day, I am going to pull a few loops for a hour or so. I have been looking forward to this all day. Have a wonderful evening, don't get too cold.

WoolenSails said...

That is going to be a fun rug to hook, love the folk art designs and the wools will be beautiful in it.


Jacqueline said...

Love the wools you have pulled. I look forward to seeing your progress. Sounds like we will be having a snow day Monday.

elaine allerton said...

Great to see your pattern,,too,,,
Got the tree started and going to do some leaf things today,,,,
Stay cozy
Happy hooking,,

acorn hollow said...

I love the rug and your colors so happy to watch as you all hook along