Saturday, September 24, 2022

At Long Last ~

I finally have had hook in hand!!!  Actually feels so good 😁  I started hooking Pumpkin Man, a pattern by DG.  I asked on Facebook if anyone had any idea who DG was, and she/he remains a mystery. 

The margins on the pattern . . . what can I say?  On either side they are only about an inch.  A little more on the top and bottom.  Now any hooker will know it is impossible to hook it on a frame with so little a margin.  

Had I thought ahead, I would have transferred the pattern to another piece of linen and then used the reverse side of this piece to draw something else.  You know what they say about hindsight!  Even adding muslin to the pattern to allow me to use it on my frame, I will have to make the pattern a bit smaller so I will have enough linen to turn back before binding.  Live and learn, but the pattern was a bargain at only $5.

Pumpkin Man's body is hooked.

Not yet sure what I am going to do with his face, so I plan to work on some background next.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Sue Swank said...

Your pumpkin man is really cute. Have you thought about no background? Cutting his shape out like you do your pumpkins or stuff him like a doll. But yeah for $5 I would've snatched him up too.

Julia said...

What I would do with your problem of narrow margin is to sew a wide enough strip of thinner wool that is unsuitable for hooking like you would find in a twill tartan wool from a secondhand store. I use a wide stitch on the sewing machine so. it's easy to remove the strips of wool after. I've used that technique many times when my linen backing wasn't wide enough.

Yay, hook in hand. You got a lot done on the snowman. My next hooking meeting is on September 27th. I missed my first meeting because of bronchitis. After three weeks I'm starting to feel better.

Take care and happy weekend.

Prims By The Water said...

Wow that margin is really close. Good on you for being able to hook this pattern. Loving Mr. Pumpkin man. Janice

marly said...

So here's the advice from a non-hooker. (don't you just love that?) If I remember (and that's debatable) didn't you do something different for a short edge a while back? Can you zig zag horsehair braid to the back for stability and bind with wool strips like a quilt? He is so adorable and is it me, or is that dapper dresser wearing leopard print trim? sigh Sorry. I know nothing. Been a long day.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Awww, he's adorable...and even if a "misfit" (get it??? 😂), he so deserves to be hooked. And his glorious luck to have been chosen by such a gifted hooker at that. Love your color choices. His neck ruffle and cuffs are especially perfect...and, hey...I think I actually have the wool! It was one of those "fun" things I couldn't resist when I went to the workshop at Cat's. 😳 ~et~

Saundra said...

Yeah, I thought you sewed extra fabric on the short sides before. That's what I do. He's looking cute and love the colors you chose.

NMK said...

What a Happy Guy !!! Love how you hooked his outfit ! He would be cute like Sue Swank suggested. Happy you are able to pull some loops again !!! said...

Isn’t he a fun guy to hook?! Your textures and colours look great together. Tis the time for Halloween hooking

kelley said...

Whatever you choose he sure is cute with your hooking!