Monday, July 26, 2021

Quick Like a Bunny ~

What my mom always said when we needed to hurry.  Well, today has flown by.  My to-do list is still pretty much full, and I must leave soon to buy some wool and drop off a birthday gift.  More on that later in the post.

I am home from my hooking retreat.  As always a wonderful time with lots of laughs.  

I was going hooking a couple weeks ago and had nothing ready to work on, so grabbed a piece of linen that was already zig zagged and drew out a hit 'n miss mat.  My "go to" project when I need something quick.  I only had 3 squares left to hook so quickly finished that.

Then I moved on to the my challenge rug that will be displayed at Sauder Village during rug week.  One of the guilds I belong to, Crooked River, had a challenge of "All Things Chicken".  Well, nothing like waiting until the last minute.  I had most of the chicken hooked before the retreat and came very close to finishing the little mat.  The area around the circle is what I had left to hook when I ran out of the background wool.  ARGH!!!  I know I could have fudged it by incorporating a similar wool, but I am taking the easy way out and buying more wool this evening.  I won't reveal the finished piece until after rug week.

ALL DONE!  Thankfully I had just enough ties with colors that coordinated perfectly with the hooked area.

I just love the Nordson ties.

The back.

I wanted to incorporate this tie because my brother had a sailboat for 40 (?) years, but it just would have stuck out like a sore thumb as one of the tongues.  I was just going to stitch a piece to the back, but one of the hookers suggested putting the label on the tie.  Perfect!  this will be delivered to the birthday girl this evening.

Will share some of the rugs being worked on in my next post.  

Please think good thoughts for DSO.  He is having back surgery on Wednesday.  Praying that he will recover quickly with minimal pain.  He has suffered long enough!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Saundra said...

What a delightfully wonderful gift. Love the ties you chose and particularly the one used for the label on the back! Cute chicken and a shame you ran out of background. and yeah, I'd have just incorporated like dark and pulled out loops to incorporate them. Did you design your "cluck" piece, it's sweet.

Prims By The Water said...

Prayers for DSO. A wonder rug with your brothers ties! I am not fond of chickens, but your chick is super cute! Janice

acorn hollow said...

Love that tie rug! you are getting pretty fast hooking all those projects. Glad you had fun at the hooking retreat.
Sending good thoughts out to DSO for quick healing

Julia said...

Wow, Lauren, you are some busy chick and your chicken rug is looking great and also your tie rug. I know you've been wanting to do this for quite a while and it looks great and so personal. Love the label on the special tie on the back. She'll love it.

Prayers for DSO's speedy recovery from back surgery. I hope he'll be pain free after that.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Busy busy you.... I LOVE how the necktie rug turned out! Wow!! Your brother's DSO is going to be tickled beyond measure...and I am betting your brother is going to be smitten as well....whether he appreciates hooking or not. Your chicken ug is looking sweet too...and of course you wouldn't just substitute LOL... That's my sissy. Prayers and healing thoughts for wishes for a successful operation and speedy recovery....and prayers and best wishes for Nurse Rachet as well LOL. ~et~

Olde Dame Holly Rose said...

I hope the back surgery will go well for your SO. It is so taxing to go to the surgery, all the waiting and angst. It will be a relief to be behind you both. Prayers and good wishes. I can't wait to see the chicken!

Farm Girl said...

I love that rug you made for your brother. I also love the hit and miss and the chicken rug. Oh gosh, I should have said, I love all of your rugs! I will be praying for you DSO for a quick recovery. Safe surgery.
I hope you have a fantastic day.

NMK said...

Your rugs are all beautiful , what a special gift for your brother and his wife , the ties are just a great touch , especially your label ! Love your Chicken rug ! Good luck to your husband and hope he feels better soon so you can both enjoy more fun adventures together !

Quayceetatter said...

Thanks for showing the back of the tie quilt.the front is beautiful the way they are placed and hooking is not a busy design. Nice job 👍 sending lots of prayers for a speedy recovery.

WoolenSails said...

Love your rugs and the chicken is so fun. I also love your rug with tie border, really unique.


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