Sunday, July 18, 2021

Great Smoky Mountain National Park ~

Cades Cove is an isolated valley located in the Tennessee section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The valley was home to numerous settlers before the formation of the national park.  There is a one way, 11 mile scenic loop through the area.

Several churches are still standing, each with its own cemetery.

Stones worn smooth and totally illegible.

Lequire seemed to be a common name.

So many infant graves, many topped with a sweet lamb.

Numerous log structures.

We did not see any bear or other wild animals other than this coyote who was jogging off the side of the road.

Notice all the dead trees?  A raging inferno swept through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and into the city of Gatlinburg on November 28, 2016, killing 14 people and injuring 190 more.  Damage caused by the fires is estimated at over $500 million.  2,460 structures were damaged or destroyed and 17,136 acres were burned.

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TheCrankyCrow said...

Hands down, this is my favorite part of your trip....I have heard of Cade's Cove, but did not realize what is "was." What an incredible piece of is almost as if time stood still and it became a ghost town by design. Those gravestones!!!!!! How peaceful to be one of those buried there where life as you knew it somewhat remains least the landscape. I bet the "vibes" from the other side are incredibly strong. This is definitely going onto my top 10 list of places I gotta go. ~et~

Julia said...

I'm sorry but this wouldn't be my preferred place to visit. I'm not much of a history buff, although, I love those little cabins. I much prefer the previous park with the mountain rail cars and suspended bridges.

Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
Hugs, Julia

Sue Swank said...

Beautiful country. I hope you had a wonderful time.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the Great Smoky Mountains--they are very dear to me and I consider them home. Two tidbits: Dolly Parton raised millions of dollars when the fires raged and it was the people of the mountains who raised money and made the effort for the Smoky's to become a National Park.

Saundra said...

Am sure it was a scenic ride but wouldn't have found visiting a grave yard at the top of the list. Nice picture of the cabin to use as reference for a hooked rug later. said...

We stayed in Townsend Tn about 15 years ago and really loved the area. Thank you for the tombstone tour. I enjoy interesting graves.

NMK said...

So sad the fires destroyed so much and continue to ....those infant tombstones are so sad , what a hard life they had . Love the Lambs though .

Jennie in GA said...

Love those sweet infant monuments. And the Frank honesty given the details of death. Blake reads lots of old newspapers, and they spare few details. No problems with political correctness back in those days.

Prims By The Water said...

Yes I remember the fire that struck that area. We had a huge fire in the middle of our state when I was younger and it took years for the trees and forests to look green again. So sad that folks lost their lives. Such a beautiful area in the mountains. Janice

WoolenSails said...

What an amazing place to visit, love historic places and nature. I would love to walk on a bridge like that, looks amazing.


Olde Dame Holly Rose said...

I had no idea this frozen in time place existed! Eerie but beautiful. The lambs on the gravestones are so sad.

susan hemann said...

fascinating, love old cemeteries, forest fires are so sad, all the loss of people, animals and nature in general

acorn hollow said...

The old cemeteries are so sad those poor babies.
But what a beautiful place so sad that the fires went through. I just can not image out west the fires that are raging. We got their smoke today hazy skies. And to think it came all that way.
You had a lovely trip

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