Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year ~ ~ ~


Peace, health, happiness and prosperity to all of you in the coming year!
May you have the New Year's Eve that makes you most happy. I have the perfect evening in store for me. Since I have to work, my DSO is making a prime rib (medium rare ~ yum!). After feasting, we will enjoy a quiet evening watching Dexter (we are hooked on that bizarre show...watching season 3), perhaps do a little hooking and drink a little wine. We will share our evening with Loocie and Eema, our two special girls. We'll be lucky to make it to midnight, but that's okay by me. We had a chance to join friends, but I really need a quiet, relaxing evening of nothing!

Dear friends, I appreciate every one who drops by and a special thank you to those who leave me a comment! When I started this blog, I was afraid no one would visit and I have been so surprised by all the positive comments I have received and all the new friends I have made.

Pug hugs :)


Andrea said...

Happy New Year to you and wishing you a healthy 2010.

weaverpat said...

Hi Lauren, Have a wonderful evening!!!
And all the best for the coming year!

Kim said...

Happy New Year. Quiet evening for me too, and I have a prime rib in the fridge for tomorrow. Up early in the morning to pop it in the oven.
All the best!

Joanne said...

Lauren - wishing you and yours the best New Year ever!

Karin said...

Lauren, wishing you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2010!
Hope to see you on Tuesday!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Lauren ~ people love your blog!! You have great pictures and great stories!! Thanks for sharing and I am very glad to have you for a friend! Happy New Year to you and your DSO ( I love that! ) ~

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Lauren~Happy New Year! I worked New Years' eve too...and your quiet evening sounded perfect to me! Love that! Sending you wishes for a blessed new year with good health and happiness!