Thursday, March 16, 2023

Hooky Stuff ~

So many wonderful hooked pieces shared during last week's Twenty Dollar Hookers' retreat in Millersburg, OH.

Here are a few completed pieces that were brought.

Lora was the over acheiver 😁

Lynn's hit and miss mat.  I'd say hooked with mostly #10 strips.

Look at this fat proddy edge!  These are the true colors.

Tammy's Beside Still Waters.

Vicki is super hooker.  She completed a wool applique project for her mom (thought I took a picture but I guess not) and got this much hooked on a new rug.

Melissa is making progress on Henny, Penny and Streak.  It is much larger than it looks.

Lee got lots of Rufus hooked.  She says a 9 cut goes so much more quickly than her normal 6 cut.

Julie was gifted this rug partially hooked.  I believe it is 5' x 7'!!!

The butt of Tanya's Proud Lion.  Tanya always picks the most wonderful colors.

Ruthellen finished a paisley pattern started long ago.

Of course I missed pictures of a few rugs, but I did much better than I normally do.

Miss Molly.  What can I say?  Minutes after giving her her two anti-seizure meds Sunday evening she had a seizure . . . the first in 6 weeks.  It was milder than the others, but nonetheless upset me and broke my heart 💔  Think good thoughts, please.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


NMK said...

Your hooking group does Beautiful work ! The proddy rug is so cute ! Have a Happy St Patty's Day !!! Will keep Miss Molly in my thoughts too ....sweet little girl . Take care Lori

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing those rugs with us. I really love the sheep by still waters the best. The rug with the proddy edge is very interesting. It's different that the usual rugs.

Poor little Miss Molly. How heartbreaking it must be for you that her seizures are coming back despite her meds. I'll keep her in my prayers to St Francis of Assisi since he loved animals so much and is the patron saint of animals. 🙏🏼


Prims By The Water said...

Oh no. Poor Molly. Here I thought she was doing better. Will say some more prayers for her. Wonderful rugs! I always enjoy seeing what others like to hook. Me being the prim person I am, always am drawn to those with the muted colors though. Janice

Saundra said...

I Melissa's rug has been on my 'to hook' list forever but it is so big am sure it will never get hooked. Love Lynn's rug too and yet another idea for us to use that #10 cut, I've hooked RUfus is looking good and I've hooked Bev's design also. Lora's rug is a design in the mix for one of my upcoming camps but there are several on that list.

marly said...

I love that raggy edge! A lot! The house and those trees, Rufus's mane, all pieces are great.

So sorry for your Molly. And you. At least it wasn't as bad but doesn't make it any less traumatic.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Such pretty rugs, but where is yours? Poor little Molly, maybe this is something that if it is under control that she just has to live with. You are such a good mommy. Melinda