Monday, August 12, 2019

Hooking in Millersburg ~

I spent four glorious days with the most wonderful bunch of hookers :)  Lots of hooking, eating, laughing and learning new things.  I learned about shittens.  You can find them here.  Do you think I took many pictures?  I can't believe how few I took and we forgot to even have a throw down.  I did snag this one from a fellow hooker.  The room we hook in is wonderful!

Lynn's rug.  I'm in LOVE.  It is Colleen by Cathy Stephan of Red Barn Rugs.  40" x 57".  She started this in April at the Great Lakes Rug Hooking Retreat in Geneva, Ohio.  Cathy was her teacher.

Stubbs' Runner.  Julie is hooking this from her worms.

This runner is 20' x 84" and she just started it at the retreat.  Talk about a fast hooker.

Compared to Julie, I am a real slacker.  I was hoping to get more hooked, but I am pleased with my progress.  This pic is a little washed out.

Each morning I was good and went for a walk.  One morning it was extremely foggy.

Though I am not a fan of the Amish (their treatment of animals and also their puppy mills), I did snap this on my walk.

I passed this many times each day and was wracking my brain trying to remember what they were called.  Today it dawned on me.  Croton.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Simply Quaint said...

Aw what wonderful fun....I hope to go next year, I asked to be put on the list 😀.....I as well am not a fan of Amish, I have a lot of different perceptive of them as well, I was raised around them, so true how cruel they can be......rude, disrespectful, etc...I can go on...but won’t ....but enough of that......what lovely rugs wow......thank you for sharing........


Saundra said...

Your rug is looking wonderful! There is a lot of hooking done on the Stubbs runner, but what cut was she using? I hooked only the horse trainer part of that antique and it was long enough for me.

WoolenSails said...

Looks like a fun hook in and beautiful rugs, I do love the scrappy rug.


acorn hollow said...

I am so in love with the big runner but have no where to put it.
sounds like fun

Prims By The Water said...

WOW that runner is awesome! Love yours too. Never knew the Amish had puppy mills? Plus I thought they treated their animals good because they needed them. Janice

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Hi Lauren,
What a fun time you had and that room is just AWESOME!!! The rugs are really wonderful and just love yours!!! Glad you had a great time!!!
What it next on the agenda? Always look forward to hearing about your next fun adventures!!!
Take care and have a great week, my friend!! Oh, and the high today is a toasty 113!!
Heart Hugs~
Julie xo

NMK said...

All the rugs are so pretty & I Love yours !!!

Kent said...

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jan said...

I really like your rug and wish I knew the name and designer in full. Would you be willing to share?