Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Signs of Spring ~

I was quite surprised to find these in the yard this morning.  I know they are very early bloomers, but still was not yet expecting them after the frigid temps we had recently.

Winter aconite

This girl is lucky she is so darn sweet :)

Soaking up some rays on Pearl & Earl.

When Cindy came to me, she had a brand new toy from her guardian angel.  She would not play with it so I assumed she had no interest in dog toys.  WRONG!  About a week ago she discovered the dog toys in the basement.  Now just about every time she goes down there, she brings another one up.  Isn't this just too sweet?

Speaking of the basement . . . when I leave her home, I gate her in the kitchen and she has access to the basement.  Well, let me tell you, she sure finds trouble down there.  I have a bar down there, very 1960's.  I use it as a catch all.  Now my basement is not the neatest place, so there is stuff piled by the bar.  A box and a wooden sewing machine cabinet.  Her bag of dog food was sitting on the bar.  That little stinker somehow got on top of the bar and into the bag of dog food.  I could not believe she got up there.  Then yesterday she discovered a bag of beans that I used in a container to "plant" garden markers that I sold at a show a few years ago.  She got the plastic bag off a shelf, tore it open and had beans everywhere.  It is hard to get mad at her because she is just so darn likeable :)
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


NMK said...

Oh that little peanut got into all that trouble !!!! Good thing she is too cute !!!!

I Love those little pretty snow drops !!!

Julia said...

Yay for the signs of spring, here we are bracing yet again for another major winter storm. I love to see photos of Cindy. This one is super cute. She must be feeling 100% better to be exploring like that. Enjoy your signs of spring.
Take care, Hugs, Julia

Mugwump Woolies said...

Love those snowdrops! Cindy is precious...I have a little girl (a 32 year old little girl) that rivals her when it comes to getting into mischief. :)
Stay warm,

WoolenSails said...

It is wonderful to see early signs of spring, would be nice.
She seems to be quite happy with her new home and looks like she is doing so much better.


Prims By The Water said...

Thanks for the laugh! My Ace kitty like chewing on plastic storage bags. He is a stinker too! Looks like someone else like your hooked rugs too. Just saying. Janice

Saundra said...

I also have signs of spring in my yard but don't see it happening any time soon even tho Phil didn't see his shadow.

Guess you need to keep that basement door closed and locked.

acorn hollow said...

Snowing hard here so no signs of spring anywhere sigh...
She is cute that's for sure and she is feeling better.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh that I were seeing snow drops rather than snow MOUNTAINS!! Yikes....this is bad even by Nod’s standards.... Poor Snowdog had to cross his legs this morning while I tried to get the door open (Note to self: start keeping a shovel INSIDE). It has snowed all day and night....still snowing. Papa Crow made it from Quebec to Vermont and is now stuck there. CLW is so precious...but why is it that the cuter they are, the more mischievous they are LOL? My Rajah get into EVERYTHING and I do mean everything....you turn your back for a moment and he has grabbed your pen, your glasses, Snowdog’s treat, you name it. Keep the photos of spring coming before I forget its memory.... I will have to see if I can find some Snow Drops...they are just beautiful.... Robin

Jennie in GA said...

She is just too cute. Glad she is feeling well enough to be mischievous!!

moosecraft said...

Oh my goodness! Well....that sounds to me like Cindy Lu is feeling sooooo much better! :-) She really is a cutie!