Sunday, February 17, 2019

A New Rug Hook ~

I know our winter here in northern Ohio hasn't been nearly as bad as some (think Wisconsin), but I've had enough.  I am so ready for spring to come and stay.  I sure hope the groundhog's prediction is correct.  Only 31 days until spring :)
When I started hooking back in 2005 I bought a Hartman hook.  At that time they cost in the neighborhood of $25 - $30, but having used it for so many years, definitely got my money's worth. 
Since that time I have purchased two more Hartman's, a Conner hook and several others, but I would always go back to my original Hartman.  It just felt "right".
Well, let me tell you about another hook.  Friend Linda had told me how wonderful they are, but I hesitated ordering one since I was still loving my original Hartman.  Several times I visited their etsy shop and admired them.  See, they are made from old tool handles so no two are alike.  And you know that I like anything old :)  I decided to go for it and ordered one because I just loved the old paint on it.  Well . . . it came and I absolutely LOVE it.  I've been using it for a week (with an 8.5 and 9 cut) and it just feels "right", too.  The hooks are very reasonably priced.  $30 which includes shipping and the best customer service you could ask for.  After placing my order, I got a personal thank you from Sharon, the shop owner.  She said I could return the hook, even in a month or two, if I was not happy.  Check them out on etsy ~ Hudson Valley Rugs.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs :)


Catsngrams said...

Love your rugs. I know what you mean I about done with winter. Usually in February we have a taste of spring and we have had nothing but snow and cold. Hope it warms up there soon.
Take care and stay warm.


Prims By The Water said...

What a cool hook! I have a few hooks, but my go to one is a Joan Moshimer one. Being a lefty I like how it fits in my hand. Snowing today. So ready for Spring here too! Actually looking forward to the Holly Show. Its one place I can purchase wool. I cannot find any shops here in my part of Michigan that sell wool. Wish there were at least one. Hope your weekend is going good! Janice

WoolenSails said...

Most of my hooks came from michaels, they were on sale for a dollar, so i grabbed a bunch, love them.
I have some skinny ones but I don't do the smaller cuts now and a larger one, but always use my cheap ones.


Saundra said...

It warms my heart when looking at even parts of hooked rugs...thanks. I have several Hartman hooks, numerous antique hooks and as lovely as they look don't think I need another. But was tempted with that bulbous one. said...

Your newest hook is nice and quirky. I have two hooks, both Heather Ritchie models. I switch back and forth to give my hands a change and I have a fit of I cannot locate one!I'm enjoying your blog.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Have I said “UNCLE” lately?? LOL...yeah...this winter is getting real old, real fast. And hmmmm, remember me saying I couldn’t find my hook (wink, wink)?? Well....this might just the ticket...and a perfect excuse to get a new hook. I have several, but seem to always go back to my old Hartman too....Maybe it’s time... (Would you be shocked to pieces if I actually started hooking again after starting to blog again LOL???). Happy Sunday night GT.... Robin

Mugwump Woolies said...

I have one Hartman. It's been with me since the one and only. Love the last pic...yummy colors.

acorn hollow said...

I have 3 hartman hooks but my biggest complaint is it doesn't stick to my magnet.

basketsofwool said...

We are having a mild winter here in North Carolina and are very grateful as that has not been the case for most, but I have endured many of long winters when I lived in Nebraska, so I get that you are over it! Each passing day is closer to Spring.

I love your new hook, I have a Fat Daddy Miller hook and it is my favorite for now. I used to use a Hartman hook and it was always my favorite until I tried the Miller. Love the peak of the rug underneath the hook!

Julia said...

What great old fashion service from the people where you purchased the unique hook. I started hooking on a Joan Moshimer hook and I have 4 of them. Actually one of them, I received from you with the kitten rug kit. It has a very short shank but never really got used to it.
Beautiful sunny day here today but cold. I'm planting some more geranium seeds while I wait for spring. My hopes are up.

Hugs, Julia

Farm Girl said...

I always love when you have a new product or a new way to hook. I will check that out. I love my hook, I have never seen another, but I do worry because I only have one hook.
Have a lovely day,

woolwoman said...

isn't it refreshing when you find someone making/selling who is so nice! I had a jaw dropping experience with a big time needlepoint designer who is also a shop owner way out west. she contacted me personally from a FB inquiry, sent me a bunch of photos of her work along with a jewelry case I was interested in - ALL either on Sat. night or Sunday afternoon and said to call her today and she would process my order. NOW - what about that ! sad when you are shocked with good service isn't it! Bad bad girl for introducing all of us "suckers" to a new hook. I'll have to contact and see if she has any for finer cuts. Yours is truly unique -just like you ! hope spring comes soon to you ! Maybe you and DSO should buy a small RV and come and spend your winters in FL. we'd be pleased to have you and the other million who come spend the winters with us. Cheers Mel

Margaret said...

Good tools are so important! How lovely that you found another good hook to use -- and a pretty one at that! Love seeing the glimpses of your hooking in the background.