Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How does my garden grow?

The gardens are looking pretty good, but I still have lots more to do. The bugs have finally subsided (at least for a little while), so that annoyance is gone. As you all know, it is a never-ending task to keep up with the yard. The little pond is in my front garden. The water plants don't do too well because they don't get enough sun. My water lilies leaf out but never flower. If you enlarge the photo, you can see one of my two goldfish.

This is one of the hydrangeas I planted last week.

Hostas and helleboros (lenten rose).

I believe this is called dead nettle.

A little geranium in a crock.

Asiatic lily.

Not sure what this is called.


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Pugs hugs!

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ShabbySheep said...

Lauren, your garden pictures are beautiful! And the bug pics are icky! Come and see me, I've opened an Etsy shop!