Sunday, December 12, 2010

Congrats to...

Congrats to....
Andy ~
Please send me your name and address and I will get your package out tomorrow ~ weather permitting :)
My weekend was spent decorating. Okay, I'll be the first to admit I'm a glutton for punishment. I've been decorating for almost two weeks and I'm getting a little tired of it. I get sidetracked too easily (read ~ checking my emails and blogs) so it takes me forever. I had a helper today. My tree is absolutely pathetic. It loses more needles than a live tree, but once I get it decorated it looks great. I have a lot of large and/or heavy ornaments and this tree can hold them.
I guess Jake thinks he can hang ornaments better is he holds his mouth just right :)
I was going to show you the finished tree, but I forgot to rotate the picture so I deleted it. I'll show you another time.
Thank you so much for reading my blog!!! I just surpassed 50,000 hits and have 136 followers ~ woo hoo! {{I actually had 137 two days ago. I guess one person no longer likes me :( }} When I started my blog I wasn't sure if anyone would care what I had to say. I wasn't even sure what I had to say. I must say, I'm enjoying it immensely and have "met" so many wonderful friends. Thanks to each and everyone of you!
Pug hugs :)


  1. Congratulations Lauren, on your 136 followers and getting over 50,000 hits. That is super... I don't have a counter but I check my stats once in a while and I'm amazed how many people all over the world actually read my blog even though they don't leave comments.

    I too lost some followers but I think that they just sign off because of stress of lack of time or for other reasons that has nothing personal attached to it.

    What happened to your tree with all the bare branches? I'm sure that you your Charlie Brown tree will look very festive by the time you finish decorating it.

    Lauren, I appreciate your visits and comments to my blog very much. JB

  2. I look forward to seeing the finished pictures. I am glad you had a helper today. It seems like I too have been decorating for ever now. If it were not for this day job. I would get things done faster. Oh wait...then I wouldn't have any money. Nothing to decorate with....never mind. Have a good night.

  3. oh lauren, what a wonderful helper you have and it does work to hold your mouth just right :)congradulations on the followers. I will never hit 100 but I am more than happy with each and everyone I have. I like you never thought anyone would want to read my blog except my family.
    your house looks wonderful

  4. Congratulations to Andy for winning your giveaway! Your Christmas decorations look wonderful and what a good helper you have!


  5. Lauren, love the pics of Jake decorating the tree...he looks like he is really enjoying himself...and yes, it does help to hold your mouth just right....I do that all the time and my husband makes fun of me!

  6. I can't wait to see your finished tree. And it is true - it does make a difference how you hold your mouth! Jake knows the secret. I wish I had a cute little helper like you do! Millie is just no good at hanging ornaments.

  7. Hi Lauren - congrats to your winner! and congrats to your followers #! I too always think no one wants to bother to read my blog except to help sleep! But I have met so many nice and wonderful people thru it that I will keep it going even if I'm the only reader from now on! LOL

  8. I love your blog, Lauren. It is the first one I go to every day.

  9. Hello Lauren, I was delighted to see I won your beautiful pinkeep - its so pretty, I can't wait to receive it.. I truly feel blessed to have won. I enjoy seeing the things you make - your rugs are lovely! :) thank you again so much!

  10. Hi Lauren i found you via Andy's Blog
    just wonted to drop a line and say oh my gosh i love your pugs how dang cute are they i could just kiss that kissy little face we had a pug growing up as a child so very cute and child friendly :-)
    Blessings Heidi

  11. Look at that snaggle-toothed cutie-pie! Karmen

  12. Hi Lauren, I love Jake's toothless smile. What a wonderful age. Charlie Brown would love your tree. I read your blog faithfully and appreciate your reading mine. Have a wonderful holiday.

  13. Jake is ADORABLE!!!! He looks like the typical lil red-headed boy!!!So mischevious yet angelic!

  14. Wow, great stats!! Love your little helper there!!! What a cutie pie.

  15. Hello Lauren! Congrats to your winner and your followers too...we are all winners! (: Hope you are enjoying a sweet Christmas time! sending warm wishes~Kathy


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