Saturday, June 20, 2009

A couple old footstools

I was planning to go to an outdoor antique show this morning, but since it was so cloudy and rainy in our neck of the woods, I decided not to go. Instead, I headed about a half hour south where a former primitive/antique shop owner was having a 50% off sale. I love to stack little footstools and/or hook a little rug to set on them. I picked up this little white one with the chippy paint for only $10.00. It's obviously homemade ~ look how the right legs splays out more than the left one. I also picked up a small mohair bear for a gift and a new runner for my table.
On the way home I stopped at an antique shop and picked up the other bench. If not used for stacking, it will make a great spot to set a plant ~ or some feet!
The weather ended up being beautiful, but I ran out of time to head to the antique show since I must take my son to the airport this afternoon. It has been so nice to have him home! Here he is with his 89 year old Grandma. How lucky we all are to still have her with us.

Here is a little birdfeeder I made for yard (well, actually my Sweetie did it for me!). Of course, the red is showing up much too bright. I hadn't found any old spindles in my travels, so this is a new one from Home Depot. The top is an old graniteware plate screwed on. You could screw on a bowl to make a birdbath ~ just seal around the screw with silicone or some such thing. A hole was drilled in the bottom of the spindle and a metal rod inserted to secure in the soil.
I will be picking the winner in the patriotic give-away this evening. Thank you again for stopping by!

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