Thursday, September 9, 2021

This 'n That ~

WOW!  We are already in to the second week of September.  The days are changing much too quickly for my liking.  Chilly in the morning, warm during the day, and getting dark oh so early.  The gardens are looking tired and the annuals even more so.  Thankfully the deer waited until last week to start eating my large hostas.

Soon this will be just a fond memory of summer.

Tomorrow, hooker/vendor partner in crime Melissa and I are leaving bright and early for the Woolkeepers hook in in Danville, Indiana, a five hour trip.  It is a Friday eve/Saturday hook in.  Wish us good sales!  I have been busy making more of the applique pumpkins.  With my luck, this time they won't sell 😁  One just never knows what will.  These appear so simple, but they take much more time than I would have imagined.

I am so afraid for our country.  As you are all aware, Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our beloved country.  With all that has transpired in the last month, I am terrified.  I can remember exactly where I was when the first news came out about a plane hitting the World Trade Center, and I watched in horror as the second tower was hit.  For a couple days I was glued to the TV when not at work, but had to stop watching because I cried nonstop.  I am even getting teary eyed just writing about it.  Please pray for our Country.

May God Bless America

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Julia said...

I'm glad that you are going to that sale to keep your mind occupied. I remember that day well and where I was standing when I heard the news and I remember the hundreds of rerouted airplanes flying over our house that day. It was surreal. We usually have a lot of airplane traffic overhead as we are in the direct path to international flights but that day was something else. I hope and pray that nothing bad will happen on that day.

Your coverlet pumpkins will do really well and I hope that you sell the other hooked pumpkins too. Have fun and don't worry. What will happen will happen whether you worry or not. Choose to have fun.

Have a safe trip and enjoy your friend's company.
Hugs from Canada.

acorn hollow said...

Have a wonderful trip and I hope you sell sell sell!
My brother is flying home as I type and I can not wait for the text to tell me he is home.
I am very sad for this country and not sure what will become of us. I try to keep my little world in prospective and don't watch a lot of news. I get such anxiety at times about it it is hard for me to breath.
Safe travels my friend

Saundra said...

Just think only 3 months and 15 days until.. Christmas! I pray every night for our Country and a better stronger President than we have now and the results of his lack of actions.

marly said...

Have a safe and enjoyable trip Lauren. I think people are getting out more, spending more, but you're right. You never know what they'll be buying from year to year. My friend always ran a red line through a price and marked it as sale - 20 % off! The sale price was her original price but who could resist a sale? said...

Oooo happy sales and a good time! Laughing at Marlys friends idea!

Prims By The Water said...

Yes we must NEVER forget what happened that fateful day. I know I wont. Good luck vending! Janice

Olde Dame Holly said...

I felt like throwing up for days after 9-11. And I am very worried about our country, too. May God have mercy on us. On a happier note, your applique punkins are just fantastic. I know, sometimes I would see my "best sellers" sit in a heap while something I didn't even think would sell much sold out, when I used to do crafts fairs. I hope you are having a good day at the sale.

NMK said...

I am writing this on Saturday 9/11 ....I had to turn off the TV this morning , because it was just too sad & heart wrenching ...

Have a Great time at the hook in & hope your adorable Pumpkins All Sell !!!

Jennie in GA said...

Fall is slowly coming here as well. And I wholeheartedly welcome it. Hope you and Melissa have a safe and successful trip and enjoy seeing all of the rugs and Hookers. This country….my heart breaks to see the direction it is headed in. It is downright frightening. And I am praying specifically for it to turn back to it’s Godly roots.!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, only a few more hours in this day and your fears may be calmed somewhat. For me, it's not just the day I am frightened over, but all the days ahead as we have certainly veered down a dangerous path. I hope you did well at the show...sorry I wasn't timely enough to wish good luck ahead of time but, you know, s&%t happened....and is happening still. That wheelbarrow planting is just incredible!!! Is that Creeping Jenny in the front?? Be still my heart.... ~Robin~