Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Simply Disappeared ~

Welcome friends.  I had planned on doing a post on Sunday.  I am not sure what I have done with the last four days, but they have just vanished in to thin air.

Melissa's and my booth at Woolkeeper's hook in.

Vending was semi successful.  Normally when I vend, I buy very little.  This time was definitely the exception.  Jan Adams was there with her yummy hand dyed wools and I could not resist.  Her wool is beautiful and inexpensive.

Some more of Jan's wool.

I also bought one of her sweatshirts.

The booth next to use had mittens made from recycled wool sweaters.  I visited the booth several times before finally buying a pair.  I must say, I do not like mittens!  I must also say that my hands are never warm with gloves, so I am hoping these will keep my fingers toasty while walking Molly.

Aren't these tags just fun?  These two gals are so creative.  Be sure to enlarge and read the captions.

I also got this make-do pin cushion made with an old quilt.  So nicely made and can you believe only $3?

I also got a few odds and ends.  Things so memorable I cannot even remember what they are . . . lol!  Oh, plus two and a half yards of as-is wool for the stash.

Still no hooking going on.  I sold a few of the applique pumpkins on antique coverlet pieces, so am making more of those.  I leave Monday morning for rug camp and no, Saundra, I have not even thought about packing 😁  

Here is the rug I will be starting at camp in Cathy Stephan's class.  This antique horse is the same one that Saundra has also started hooking.  Here is Cathy's version.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Julia said...

Your booth looks really nice and the coverlet pumpkins take center stage.
I don't blame you for not having the strength of resisting that beautiful wool. Has the price of wool gone up? $32.00 a yard would actually be expensive for me with the
shipping and 15% tax.

The labels are quite creative. I don't know how people come up with all these fun ideas. I like the horse rug. I'm sure you'll put your own creativity on your own.

It's raining and thundering here. Take care.
Hugs, Julia

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ohhhh boy.... Seriously? You bit the dust on the horse rug? Now THIS will be fascinating to follow. I cannot imagine an anal "uptight'" PRECISE PERFECTIONIST like you pulling off that wonky primitive feel LOL. Let the fun begin. ;-) Your booth looks great...glad I wan't there to fund your spending spree.... But wow...that wool is the sweatshirt too!! Have a great time...I'll tell Cat to go easy on ya and your uptight thing. ~et~

Saundra said...

Had to laugh at Robin's comment as I agree with her. I cannot imagine you letting loose enough to do it antique style. Mittens do really keep your hands warmer than gloves so you will enjoy them. The pin cushion's candle stand cost at least that much so that was a steal.

denise said...

Your booth was adorable.

NMK said...

Oh I would have had Fun in your booth !!! And the colors of the wools are just Yummy Beautiful !!! The $3.00 pincushion is so pretty , what a bargain !!! You got a great pair of Bernie Sanders mittens , they are perfect for walking your pup !!! LOVE how Kathy hooked her Horse rug ! Beautiful colors ! Saundra's is looking fantastic too !!! Those tags are a riot !!!

WoolenSails said...

Your booth looks wonderful and good you had some business, but hard these days with Covid. I have avoided the fairs I usually go to, really miss going. I would not have been able to resist that wool either, beautiful shades.


Olde Dame Holly said...

What a gorgeous booth! I used to do crafts fairs and a lot of smarts and work went into your booth! I am glad the applique jack o'lanterns on coverlet pieces were good sellers, as they deserve to be. I can't believe that little pincushion was only $3. That was a super-bargain. And you're off again! I wish you energy!

Jennie in GA said...

Great haul. And with all of this time of covid imposed restraint, you deserved it!!! You have been a busy bee….and now rug camp. Lucky you. Have an amazing time.

Prims By The Water said...

Well look at those tags. How fun! I would have had to purchase some of that wool myself! Not a fan of mittens myself either, but those look warm. Janice