Thursday, April 1, 2021

Not Funny ~ Mother Nature


It is April 1.  It is Ohio, so this is not an anomaly.  Areas surrounding us got closer to 1.5" of the white stuff.  The good part of a spring snow is that it doesn't stick around for long.  Heck, I can remember getting snow in May.

I finally got Peter Rabbit bound.  No good excuse why it took me so long . . . other than the typical hooker response of "I hate binding!".

Now I am in the process of binding the antique adaptation, Dancing Bunnies.  I WILL finish it before Easter.

Progress is being made on my large hit and miss.  I feel like I have been hooking it forever (it has been 5 weeks!).  I am afraid if I set it aside, it will become a long term WIP.  The linen was wide enough to make it 8 blocks long, but it may get shortened to just 7 when I try it in the spot where it will reside.  I can't believe I am not even making a dent in my worm stash😡 It is currently about 30" x 30".

~ Leftover Peeps ideas ~

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Saundra said...

That is going to be one stunning rug when it is done. Maybe longer????? OMG, I'm so brain dead after today that I can't remember what else I wanted to comment on. Oh well, on to do my own blog post still brain dead.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I love Peter!!! And looking forward to seeing the finale of the dancing bunnies...I don't believe you ever posted a photo of it completely hooked even. Like Saundra said, t hat hit and miss is going to be just stunning! With your sense of color and obsessively precise hooking, it is truly a work of art. Funny but true story....I have no worms. Really. As for the snow, what can I say other than "better you than me"?? Sorry...we had several inches last Saturday (I think it was Saturday), but it is finally gone...then we were graced with winterish temps (the teens) again. BUT, we have had April snows of 14" in very recent history and yes, it can and usually does snow in May here. Grrr. They are saying, though, that it is to warm up nicely for the weekend I might even be able to go sans longjohns. Woo hoo! 🐇Robin🐇

denise said...

😊 said...

Peter Rabbit looks terrific and I cannot believe your dancing bunnies are all hooked. Woah
I’m loving the peeps ideas- though I’ve never had to stick a cork in a wine bottle 😬

NMK said...

Love your Hit & Miss rug & Bunny !!! The Peeps ideas were too funny . We had a few snow flurries here this morning and it sure feels like winter today in Western Massachusetts . Next week will be back in the 50's 7 60's , Yay !!!
Happy Easter !!!

Julia said...

I bet your flurries of snow are gone by now and the sun is shining on your world. Your Peter rug is lovely and so is your hit and miss rug. It's sunny here today and I may get a little more yard work done. The water is up quite a bit from all the rain but we are still safe so far.

Take care, hugs

Olde Dame Holly said...

I laughed so hard at the leftover Peeps ideas! Glad to hear the Worm Supply is holding up! I love all the rugs you made/are making, even if the Hit or Miss is a pain to do. Peter is just a masterpiece and you bind so nicely!

Prims By The Water said...

Yep Mother Nature Fooled us to here in Michigan. It snowed all day yesterday. Today it is almost gone. Love Peter Rabbit! Your hit and miss is looking good too! I put down my hook for a needle and working on a few Halloween goodies for the store now. Hope you have a Happy Easter! Janice

Farm Girl said...

I love Peter Rabbit! What a wonderful rug. I do like your hit and miss. I don't think I will ever get to the end of my worms at this point. Like socks they increase while you aren't looking.
I hope your snow melts fast. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jennie in GA said...

Snow, ughhhhhh. We had a frost last night, but the daytime heated up nicely. We have gotten tons of yard work done, but there is plenty left. The good thing about celebrating Easter here is that it gives us a jumpstart on cleaning up this very large expanse. And the decks and porches which are covered in miserable yellow pollen. Love your bunny. So sweet. And the hit or miss is coming along nicely. I can sympathize when it comes to not making a dent in the worms. Happy Easter!!