Saturday, April 3, 2021

Blast Off?


I'm happy to report that Dancing Bunnies is bound . . . before Easter.  Here they are with some fun wooden bead carrots and wool forsythia branches gifted to me by DF Melissa.

If you don't like the weather in Ohio, stick around for a day and it will change.  Thursday we had snow and today will reach 57*.  I will be out mowing the lawn for the first time.  My local son and I have a rivalry going each spring.  Who mows first?  Darn!  He is the winner this year.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


Saundra said...

Dancing rabbits is cute as the dickens!!!! Congrats on getting it bound before your Easter gathering.

Julia said...

You are unstoppable like the Everready bunny. Good for you for finishing your dancing rabbits before Easter. It looks great. I like the bead carrots idea.

You may have lost the race to mow your lawn with your son but you win over me. It will be a while before I mow mine since everything is still brown here.

Hugs, Julia said...

Just a superb rug! Hope your lawn grows fast!

NMK said...

Love your Dancing Bunnies !!! Those wooden carrots are super cute too along with the wool forsythia !!!
Have a Very Happy Easter !!!

Olde Dame Holly said...

I was always the lawn-mower in the family! I went from a reel push-mower to an electric one, since yards in the desert tend to be verrrrry small. Now we have all rocks, so I go rake the rocks. I just love the Dancing Bunnies and I admit, I had my doubts that your would bind it so quickly, since it is NOT your favorite part of hooking rugs!

Prims By The Water said...

Dancing bunnies is so darling! Janice

Jennie in GA said...

I mowed last Thursday. One of my favorite chores. But then, I mow about 3 acres on a zero turn. The dancing bunnies has to be one of my favorites.

Angela Tucker said...

LOL We started mowing early in March. LOL I don't do well with the weed whip, but I am awesome with the mower. I love those bead carrots! What a great idea...said as I am digging in my wooden bead box. LOL