Thursday, October 15, 2020

October Project List ~ Week 3


This week has been semi-productive.


Santa & Rudy - pattern to linen - hook - bind - label

Mr. Hempenstall - pattern to linen - hook - bind - label
The binding is almost done!  I will share in my next post.

Hanging pumpkin pocket - hook - assemble - label
The pocket is done and hanging on the corner cupboard in the living room.  I lined the pocket with a cotton fabric and added a wool backing and wire hanger.  Only need to label.

Old Tom - 
pattern to linen - hook - bind - label
The wool has been chosen and I'm ready to get started today 😁


Rebekah Smith turkey - pattern to freezer paper - pieces to wool - stitch

Stack 'O Jacks - pattern to freezer paper - pieces to wool - stitch
Slow going but I have made progress.


Bethia Fenshaw 1861 - stitch - attach to spool

WIPs to finish

Hooked sunflowers - proddy petals - add backing and stuff

Hooked Santa - finish hooking - bind - label

A Small Marine Sampler - (aka the cross stitch from hell) - finish cross stitching - hem stitch the edges 
I hem stitched the edges with a simple running stitch.  So happy that is finally done.  Even though I am not totally thrilled with it, it will probably be gifted to the person it was meant for.

Have you had a virtual doctor appointment?  What a racket.  I had one the other day.  I waited TWO AND A HALF HOURS to finally speak with the doctor and the connection was bad and he had to call and face time me.  I was on my third phone call to their office when we finally made contact.  No explanation as to why I waited so long.  I was obviously dropped from the queue because initially I was told there were only two people ahead of me.  Now here's the kicker.  He said he would call me Friday to see if the med was helping.  WELL . . . this is another virtual appointment.  Doctors can no longer make a phone call without charging?  To say I am pi**ed would be an understatement.  

Sorry, I just had to vent.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Pug hugs 😊


acorn hollow said...

Husband has had one and it went very well we are up for another on next Wed his Dr from Boston. Oh yes they charge the same

TheCrankyCrow said...

Has anyone suggested that that might be a really, really, ambitious list for 1 person??? Yikes. You did an incredible job on that pocket....Perfection as always. And I know you didn't "enjoy the stitch," but I really do love that marine sampler LOL. And I like your simple finish....again perfect!! You still haven't talked me out of stitching it yet LOL. Nope....haven't had a virtual visit yet. I am always kept on a short chain and it seems like I am constantly having an appointment with one specialist or another, but for some reason they want to see me in person. I guess, given your experience, that might not be such a bad thing. But...hey....if I am gonna catch something, wouldn't a clinic/hospital be a likely place given my compromised immune system??? Sometimes, just gotta shake your head. But these days, I have a continual headache from shaking my headache....think things are coming loose up there. (And don't you DARE say what you really think about that last statement LOL). ~Robin~

Julia said...

I'm still in awe of how productive you are. That pumpkin with the flowers hanging is so lovely and so is the cross-stitch.
I'm sorry the virtual Dr. appointment went so badly. I'm on Zoom almost daily with my prayer group and sometimes I get connected right away and sometimes I get dropped off and have to reconnect. Now, if it takes a little too long to get connected I check to see if it says (post attendee), at the top of the page, then I know that somehow I got dropped off and I try to reconnect again and usually I get connected right away.

Stay safe and well. I certainly don't want you to get sick.
Hugs, Julia

marly said...

I've had two virtual, one 15 minutes late and one on time. The connection on laptop broke up a lot but tablet was no problems. In person I usually wait an hour. My sister gets just a phone call from Cleveland, she only has a flip phone.

I forgot to make a list.

susan hemann said...

Om my gosh!! I totally agree, Zoom visits with your doctor is a racket!! Now that they aren't making money with appointments, they have had to come up with another money maker. My doctors' are always trying to Zoom with me. What for? They cannot listen to my lungs, feel anything, take my blood pressure, look in my eyes or mouth.
I have been refusing but recently they got me. They would not renew my scripts without a Zoom visit.

Love the pumpkin!

JustGail said...

Too bad about the appointment. I've not had one of those yet. I wonder if every time you called you moved to back of queue? Do they make appointments to call in at a certain time? How do they handle weight, blood pressure, stethoscope stuff, etc? I don't mind paying for doctors time even on-line or phone, but if that stuff isn't done, why does it cost same as if you go in person? And I'm SO tired of everything going on line assuming high speed internet needed is available everywhere! Or camera and microphone on computer! Or is it all done on phone? And there again, those pushing online everything assumes everyone has a smart phone.

You made some good progress this week, more than I did and I can't even use the excuse of getting much no-fun things (dusting, vacuuming, weeding, etc) done either. :-/

Saundra said...

Not sure you could call my experience virtual but here is my story: Right after the shut-down I noticed a strange spot on the chest and called my dermatologist. The PA happened to be in the office and answered the phone. She suggested I take a couple photos of it and send it to an email address at the office and would pass it onto the doctor. I took photos at different angles and not too long after received a phone call. She said it was not a problem. And yes I was charged for a doctor visit. I have since had an in person visit and she confirmed again the spot is okay.

moosecraft said...

Yes.... we've all aged sooooo much this year...
LOVE that pumpkin pocket!
I haven't tried the video appointment thing yet.... but, I'm sure it's not going to be fun...
Feel better!

Farm Girl said...

Well once again, I am impressed. I love your work and I am so happy to have some from you to me. I look at it and touch it all day long, I just love seeing your hooking. I love that wool.
I am glad you are staying busy. We have so many medi centers here in town, like maybe six just around me, I think I will take my chances with them. Even that guy who made the news about Covid not being what was being said, it right down the street.
I have that dial a doc thing with our insurance too, but haven't tried it. Though I did think it sounded like a good thing when I first read about it. I wished they had had it when I had small children.
Have a great day. I am getting ready to blog myself. Surprise! :)

Saundra said...

Thought I'd better clarify something about my previous comment ..... that spot was just under my collar bone, which IS part of the chest. I didn't take various pics of my breast area. Just to be clear :~)

Prims By The Water said...

Oh my you got me coughing laughing too much! Janice

Jennie in GA said...

I think the marine sampler looks great, even though it was a struggle. And the little pocket is perfect. Talk about accomplishments!! The virtual doctor thing seems like a rip off to me. I haven’t had the experience and hope to avoid it. Follow up calls should NEVER generate a charge....they should be considered part of the visit as well as a curtesy/marketing tool. Anything to make a dime.