Saturday, September 5, 2009

Punchin' ~ hookin' ~ penny-in~ ~ ~

Welcome everyone. I hope you are all having a great holiday weekend. The weather in northern Ohio is gorgeous once again. I got a little much needed yard work done this morning, but still have plenty more to do.
I can't stand to sit in the car and not have something to do, so last weekend on our little get-away, I took several things along to work on. I got the backs sewn on these punch needle pieces. The eagle was made a couple of years ago, the Halloween cat last fall, and the elephant just last month. Did you guess that I hate the finishing process?
Penny-in'. My new word! I also made progress on my penny rug. I got all the pieces blanket stitched that I had cut out. Overall, I'm please the way my stitches came out, but I had a bit of difficulty stitching around the square corners. I haven't worked on it since I returned. I really could get this done soon if I put my mind to it!
This is a freebie pattern I got from Linda over at the Wool Cupboard. (You can find her on my sidebar. I don't know how to add the link from here.) I got all the punching done while sitting in the car ~ just need to add the backing. That's one of the things I love about punch needle. It is very portable and doesn't take up much space.
I took this along, too, but did not start working on the binding until after I was home. I hooked this last year. I could not capture the true colors. They are more subdued. I wanted to use up some of my worms, but didn't even make a dent in them. When I first started hooking, I didn't have a cutter so I purchased wool already cut into #8 pieces. Now I have literally thousands that I will probably never use! This little mat is about 10" x 14" and I made it for an end table in the living room.
I also finished my cat rug ~ my largest rug to date!!! Of course, just the hooking part, not the binding part. I'll try to post a picture in the near future.
Thank you all for stopping by. Please come again soon.
Pug hugs :)


Unknown said...

I love your your kitty rugs--well, actually I love everything you posted, but I have a special place in my heart for the kitties! I do so wish I could do punch needle. I know, I think I am the only person in American who cannot seem to get the hang of it, but there you go. Guess I'll have to stick to rug hooking. :-)

Lisa said...

My goodness Lauren you were very productive. Your penny rug looks great and love the cat punch needle, oh everything you do I love. Can't wait to see the cat rug finished. Will you be going to French Creek Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

Lauren, you've been one busy woman! I'm with Lisa, love everything you do! Hope you will make it to French Creek and bring your cat rug, or did you start something new already?

Unknown said...

Lauren ~ You really did get a lot accomplished on your trip! Your punch needle projects look great and I love the way your cat and pumpkin turned out!! I'm going to have to give punch needle a second try. Can't wait to see your cat rug!

dulcy said...

Love your blog....and your little kitty with the pumpkin!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments! I really do appreciate them.
Debra & Linda ~ I find punch needle to be so much easier than hooking. It goes so quickly it's almost instant gratification. I'm still a very slow hooker.
Lisa & Karin ~ No, I haven't started anything new. I am very slow to figure out a new project. Unfortunately, I can't make it to French Creek. I did not think to request the time off last week and the bosses FROWN on last minute requests. Darn :(
Dulcy ~ Thank you for dropping by. I read your blog on a regular basis ~ very delightful.
Hope everyone is having the holiday they hoped for.
Pug hugs :)

Unknown said...

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