Sunday, December 5, 2010

Amish Gourds ~

Okay, dear friends. I am NOT making this up. In the February 2011 issue of Create & Decorate magazine, there is an ad for Amish gourds. Maybe it's been there before and I've just not seen it. Are these kinder and gentler gourds? Are their computers gas powered since they do not use electricity? And what about their toll free number? Or is this someone exploiting the "image" of the Amish? Come on folks. Just because the word Amish is used doesn't make these gourds any better than ordinary gourds. This reminds me of the full page ads that have been in the newspaper for several years selling Amish heaters. The heaters are made in China! The Amish make the case they are in so that makes them better? My Mom was talking about ordering one a few years ago and I did a Google search and the majority of the comments were none too favorable. Okay. I'll get off my Amish high horse {grin}.
Speaking of C & D magazine, does anyone else feel the majority of the projects are getting too cutesy? I believe there is going to be a new magazine in the spring, and this is my description, create & decorate gone prim. I am looking forward to seeing what they have to offer.
Thank you so much for listening to me rant, er, I mean...
Pug hugs :)


Kim said...

That is too funny. You should call the toll free number and ask them what the difference is, and then blog us whatever fibs they tell you.

acorn hollow said...

Well now it is a gourd that use to live on a amish farm and left??? and the heaters I always wondered just how the amish came up with electric heat! It is a weird wacky world can't wait to hear about the new magazine coming out.

Robin Konrad said...

For your information, and I wish you would go to the website and read about us, Amish Gourds was started in 2004 and I work with 4 Amish families who grow the gourds that I sell on my website. This is not a hoak or a joke but a valid business. I have had several people in the past make fun of my business, but the joke is on them. I have enjoyed working with the Amish and have remained employed in this sick economy, as well as helping my Amish neighbors have an outlet for their products. I have thousands of loyal customers, artists, crafts people, church groups, schools, musicians and so on.
I would be interested to know how you are doing rugs and pugs? I would enjoy learning more about your business.
Robin Konrad

Andrea @ That'll Do Farm said...

Perhaps gourds grown by the the Amish would have made more sense than Amish Gourds. I hear Amish Gourds and I think the grouds will have straw hats and beards and drive buggys! (That's a joke Amish Gourds Robin -- no lecture please!)

weaverpat said...

Hi Lauren,
Living in south central PA, 'The OTHER Amish Country', we have the same phenomenum. The name 'Amish' sells things. People like to buy 'Amish', whether the Amish themselves own and operate the store or you are dealing with a distributor of goods that are vaguely related to the Amish. I guess it's the quaintness factor!
BTW, my DIL's grandmother just bought her and Brad one of those stoves for Christmas. See what I mean???
No further lecturing is needed here either!

Julia said...

Now, a gourd is a gourd is a gourd. Amish gourd???

I have nothing against Amish growing gourds for sale but I don't see why they call it Amish Gourds either. Gourds the Amish way, maybe but not Amish Gourds. I'm with you on this one Lauren. JB

Joanne said...

Lauren - don't get me started on this either - I'm 100% with you (Can't tell you how many times I've seen the amish in their buggys on cell phones - apparently they are allowed because it's a not a connected wire or some such thing!

Don't get me wrong - I do not fall for most of the "stuff" in the stores marketing "amish made" but have gone directly to the farms and have had furniture made and have bought some quality pieces!

Orange Sink said...

In your defense Lauren I don't think your post in any way demeans the Amish. As they are known for their quality work the Amish name put on a product made by the Amish should be IMHO truly made by the Amish. American made products should be made in America and SHOULD denote quality. I guess what it boils down to is the consumer needs to be wary and do the homework before buying a product from anyone to avoid being caught up in the marketing hype.
Interesting you should mention C & D magazine. I have bought only one issue of this magazine in the past. A more primitive version would appeal to me also.
Enjoyed this post and the comments!
Cathy G

Karin said...

Hi Lauren, I'm with you on this one. My DH's mother and grandmother used to live on a farm surrounded by Amish Farms in Ohio Amish country. Up the road was a turkey farm (factory) owned and operated by "yankees"(non Amish). But they sold their turkeys as "Amish Fed", we used to laugh when we saw the sign or the advertisements, were the turkeys fed Amish people? Well...we knew better, the turkeys were fed by Amish labor who filled the feed troughs, apparently somehow bestowing something special to the birds. So...don't get me started because we have enough stories to fill a book. No lectures please!

acorn hollow said...

That was a whole lot of bad marketing she just did. She could have come in sweet as honey and offered her side of things. and maybe a free sample to you for a give away or a very small discount to all your blogging friends. But she came in a bit mmmmmmmmm so if you have a problem with her product what kind of service would you get? just saying, marketing 101.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hmmmm....did you open up a can of worms there Lauren...LOL

I have to should be named something other than Amish Gourds.

I dearly love and respect the Amish culture but using it to SELL is not doing any product justice...sometimes it could work the opposite if the product doesn't live up to the hype.