Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eema Update & a New Blog ~

Welcome, blog buddies. Thank you so much for stopping by :)

I wish I could clone Eema's new forever mommy Dolly. If I could, all of God's furry creatures would be in their loving forever homes! Dolly is wonderful and so good to her girls. She keeps me updated and sends me lots of pictures. That's Eema, above, all ready for the Halloween parade. Below, Eema and Cher are decked out in their matching costumes. Have you ever seen cuter girls? I love this series of pictures. Eema sat down and Cher decided to rest her chin on Eema's butt.
Eema's getting tired...

...and here she is, down for the count!

Do you think the girls are getting along? Dolly told me that Cher went in her doggy bed and Eema decided to join her.
This happy ending is the reason I foster!
Please stop by Lisa's new blog, Twice Loved Woolens. She's one of the very talented hookers that I hook with at the library. I've shown many of her rugs in past posts. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Pug hugs :)


  1. What sweet photos of the dogs! I adore animals also and are a rug hooker as well. Or try to be when time allows guess I should say. We have a 20 year old Female Persian cat that we adore.Guess I tend to follow people with critters... You have a nice blog!

  2. Its so great to see Eema doing so well. She lucked out twice - first with you and then with Dolly.

  3. Isn't that cute how Eema and Cher are now best friends! Looks like they are both adjusting pretty quickly!
    Thank-you for the heads up on Lisa's blog! I see she is a primitive style hooker! Can't wait to see more of her work. Hope things are going good with Linnie too! I am thinking of you always!
    Cathy G

  4. All I can saw is Awwwww. I bet your heart is full.

  5. Ahh, thanks for the photos, it just warms my heart. The two of them look like they have been together forever. My two Boston's are the same way. Thanks too for the plug on my blog, I have you to thank for it. See you at Simple Goods.

  6. What a great way to begin my day - with a wonderful Eema update. She and Cher certainly have the life. Hopefully Linnie will follow in their footsteps. I'm off to check Lisa's blog. Jane

  7. What wonderful pics of Eema and Cher. It's so great to see her happy and in good health. Love their costumes. A pair of lucky pups!

  8. What wonderful pics. That IS what fostering is all about isn't it! Way to go! And thanks for the link to Twice Loved Woolens. Loved it!

  9. Well lady you do know how to make a girl giggle and have tears at the same time.

    What a wonderful forever mommy Dolly is to Emma and cher - like you said if only there were more like her...but I think you are very much like her Lauren.

  10. Ahhhhh..... is that sweet or what! Thanks so much for sharing those photos ... and a great reminder how impotant it is to be loved.

  11. aaaaawwwwww--how CUTE are they??? They definitely are "spoiled" (how cqan you not spoil that cuteness??)
    hoping to hear another good Linnie update soon!!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous!! Does one's heart good to see such a sight...

  13. Beautiful captures! These dogs looking like my uncle's pet. Well I like that designer rug, looking beautiful. I would like to buy the same for my new home.
    Thanks for such adorable photos.


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