Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree ~ Tree ~ Tree

WELCOME! Thank you for stopping by.
Tonight I thought I'd share a few of my trees with you. This is the "big tree" in the living room. I just can't get a good picture of it. It is very eclectic and has everything on it from an antique Santa ornament to the paper ornaments my boys made in preschool (25+ years ago). The tree itself has seen better days and every year I tell myself I must get a new tree because this tree loses more needles than a live tree! It is just very different because the branches are not all evenly spaced and it has pine cones and grapevine tied to it. Many of my ornaments are big and heavy, and this tree can support the weight.
I received this Nativity in the first grade (and that was a REALLY long time ago). The manger lost its star long ago but I still cherish it.
Here's the tree in the dining room decorated in a more "country" style. I love the tacky lighted plastic Santas at the base of the tree.
There's a great story behind my devil's head ornament. About twelve years ago when my DSO was still living in Michigan, we went to a Restoration Hardware Store about an hour from his place. I had never been to one before ~ in fact I had never even heard of it. (Now I love that store!) When we walked in they had an entire tree full of these ornaments. I wanted one but would not pay the twelve dollars or so they were selling for. After I returned home, that dear sweet man drove back to the store only to discover there was not one left on the tree. Luckily he inquired and was told they pulled them all due to customer complaints. People did not realize (or care) that the ornament was based on an antique. It is one of my most prized ornaments.
Here's my patriotic tree on the small landing part way up to the second story. (This is one of Eema's favorite hiding places when she knows she is going to be put in the crate. Too funny!) Patriotic Santas on antique cupboard.
More patriotic items in the small cupboard. (I opened the door to avoid the glare of the flash.)
I hope you have enjoyed the pictures. I have many more to share with you in the coming days.
Pug hugs :)


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful decorations. I need to get some more smaller prim trees for next year, love decorating them.


Joanne said...

Lauren - enjoyed your tree show -loved that sleigh too - hope we see more pics of your house!

weaverpat said...

Lauren, my mother would love your collection! She does several trees each year- one for just antique santas, another for Old World ornaments, a small one with birds, etc. Plus the cupboards with the vintage Christmas items. She has a devil!