Friday, December 11, 2009

Favorite Reindeer ~

I finally feel as if I'm getting things done. I've finished the "big tree" in the living room and that is MAJOR! It normally takes me two days to decorate ~ this year it took four because of busy evenings. About the only decorating I have left to do is to put the wreath on the door and the garland on the banister. Tomorrow I hope to do the Christmas cards and then I'd better think about working on the hooked rug that needs to be done in four or five days (hahaha!). Oh, and finish shopping so I can get my packages mailed.
I thought I'd share some pictures of my favorite reindeer. Here's my grandson Jake ~
~ and Loocie. She looks so thrilled :)
Eema, my foster pug.
This is my younger son, J (as in Jason), last year. (I'm sure he'll be thrilled to know he made the blog again.)
My dear Mom, last year, at 88. I'm lucky to have her here for one more Christmas.
Thank you all for stopping by.
I'll post some pictures of the house soon.
Pug hugs :)


  1. I said Awww, how sweet,when I saw your grandson, then I laughed out loud when I saw your pugs wearing the antlers, then I howled when I saw your son and mom wearing them too! Too cute! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks, Kathy :-) You have a wonderful weekend, too. Hugs from pugs and me ~ and a pug hug for your puppy, too :)

  3. Love the Reindeer! I think you have enough to pull the sleigh!!! LOL!

  4. Cute reindeer, Lauren ~ you did well to get the dogs and the son to wear the antlers!!! Have a productive weekend!!!!

  5. Love the Reindeer show! Too cute all of them! Years ago someone gave me little reindeer antlers for cats - well Jonesy and Riley were none to thrilled when I "tried" to put them on their heads - so no pictures from me! I will try again though - maybe when they are sleeping!


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